Airport Security Accidentally Make Woman Remove Her Wig in Viral Video

One woman's hilarious experience with airport security has gone viral after she shared the moment being asked to remove her cap meant removing her wig too.

Instagram user @blaquechica954, real name Brinta, shared the video to her social media account on May 7. After returning from a trip to Houston, Texas, Brinta naturally faced TSA at Ft Lauderdale Airport. What wasn't as expected, however, was that they would request she removed her cap, which happened to have her wig attached.

"When TSA stops you from being fabulous," she captioned the clip.

"TSA: You have to remove the hat. Me: Are you serious? No, you can't be! TSA: Yes, I have to check underneath the hat. Me: But, it's a wig," she added.

Ironically, the cap featured the slogan "Bad Hair Day," which many viewers pointed out in the comments. "The fact that it even said 'Bad Hair Day'" wrote one TikTok user.

The cap itself is from Wig Caps by Tasha, who Brinta has been more than happy to share the viral fame with. Seemingly, the video has created huge demand for the business, who shared a post thanking customers and updating them on incoming cap options. "Sis was feeling herself and forgot that you can not be cappin' coming through TSA. Well i'm grateful that she did," wrote the wig company.

In a later video shared to the page, Tasha Smith, the owner of the business, thanked family and customers before bringing Brinta into the clip. "I am so glad you went on that trip," she joked.

The clip has been shared by various large accounts, including @overtime on TikTok, amassing over four million likes since its upload yesterday, May 11.

Rapper Snoop Dogg is even among the many viewers sharing the video to their pages after he posted the video to his grid. "All head, no cap," he captioned the clip with laughing emojis.

Viewers have praised Brinta's good humor about the situation, and ability to take the awkward situation on the chin. "I love that she can't stop laughing," commented one viewer.

While others have commented on the cooperation of the airport security too, and the speedy return of the cap. "I love how the TSA woman was quick to give it back. She had her back," wrote a TikTok user.

"The guy in the back was respectful, he tried not to look," noted another.

Newsweek contacted Brinta and Tasha Smith for comments.

Airport security check.
Airport security check. Containers with personal belongings (passport, smart phone, wallet, keys) before x-ray control. A woman has gone viral after being asked to remove her wig cap during airport security. Getty Images. Getty Images