TSA Celebrates Doughnut Day After Saving Choking Traveler

A woman who choked and turned blue while eating a doughnut at an airport was resuscitated by a TSA employee. Reuters

A Transportation Security Administration officer resuscitated a woman who was choking on a doughnut in the security line on Wednesday. The woman, who was not identified, briefly turned blue and had no pulse, but thanks to the Heimlich maneuver and CPR, officer Glenn Davis was able to save her.

The incident, at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, did not become publicly known until Friday, which is National Doughnut Day.

Davis first noticed a commotion in the security checkpoint line and saw the woman choking. He attempted the Heimlich, but it was not immediately effective. The woman soon stopped breathing and passed out. Davis, a 13-year veteran volunteer firefighter on Long Island, then tried CPR. The woman's husband helped with the procedure.

"I monitored her, and she began to breathe on her own as the color came back to her face," Davis said. After she regained consciousness, he asked the woman what kind of doughnut she had been eating. "As she was telling me about the doughnut, I began to laugh," he said. The woman explained that she was serious about the type of doughnut.

"I looked at her and told her I knew she was serious. I was just glad she was alive and could tell me about it," Davis said.