Live Updates: Tsunami Warning Issued for Parts of Alaska after 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Live Updates

A tsunami warning and several advisories are in effect for locations in Alaska after a magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck off the North American coast. The quake occurred at around 10.15pm local time (2.15am ET).

It struck at a depth of around 20 miles, 75 miles southeast of Chignik, Alaska. The U.S. Tsunami Warning System has issued a tsunami warning for South Alaksa and the Alaksa Peninsula, Pacific coasts from Hinchinbrook Entrance, Alaska (90 miles E of Seward) to Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Unalaska).

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Tsunami warnings fully lifted, changed to advisories

Authorities have lifted tsunami warnings for islands off the coast of Alaska, with an advisory currently in place between Hinchinbrook Entrance (90 miles east of Seward) and Samalga Pass (30 miles southwest of Nikolski).

Tsunami advisory cancelled and warnings switched to advisories

Advisories have been lifted for Southeast Alaska and warnings changed to advisories from Samalga Pass to Hinchinbrook Entrance.

The Tsunami Advisory has been cancelled for Southeast Alaska. For more information visit #akwx

— NWS Juneau (@NWSJuneau) July 29, 2021

TSUNAMI ADVISORY 5: See for alert areas. M8.2 075mi SE Chignik, Alaska 2216AKDT Jul 28:


— NWS Tsunami Alerts (@NWS_NTWC) July 29, 2021

NWS graph shows tsunami travel time

Tsunami warnings in Alaska after major earthquake
A tsunami warning is in effect for parts of Alaska after a magnitude 8.2 earthquake National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Floodwater could 'remain a danger for several hours' despite small impact

The National Weather Service has confirmed the tsunami alerts will remain in place for now.

If you have damage to report, please contact your local emergency manager or relay to your local National Weather Service office.
Remember, strong currents may remain a danger for several hours after unusual waves appear to settle.

— NWS Tsunami Alerts (@NWS_NTWC) July 29, 2021

NWS Alaska: Tsunami 'forecasted to be under one foot'

Message #4 from @NWS_NTWC. Max tsunami height forecasted to be under 1 foot at the following locations:

— NWS Alaska Region (@NWSAlaska) July 29, 2021

Tsunami warnings to stay in effect 'until at least 1am'

Unalaska local radio station KUCB reports that tsunami warning will remain in effect until at least 1am - but no significant tsunami activity has been detected yet.

NWS predicted Alaska tsunami times

Some of the predicted times have passed with the first wave expected to hit 30 minutes ago. There are currently no reports of significant damage.

Unalaska - 11.50pm
Cold Bay Alaska - 11.55pm
Kodiak Alaska - 11.55pm
Seward Alaska - 12.20am
Homer Alaska - 1.15am

Tsunami Warning Center: No threat to U.S. West Coast mainland or Hawaii

"Readings from deep ocean gauges verify that a significant tsunami is not expected," a spokesperson said.

Parts of Alaska remain under warnings and advisories.

National Weather Alert pictures shows tsunami forecast

Thu Jul 29 07:42:22 UTC 2021 event picture

— NWS Tsunami Alerts (@NWS_NTWC) July 29, 2021

People urged to evacuate 'above 100 feet'

People are being urged to evacuate to higher ground, above 100 feet.

According to KMXT radio station, the tsunami is already estimated to have struck areas such as Sandpoint, and confirmation from local authorities is due.

Additional advisories, warnings and updates are provided here and are subject to change.

Possible Tsunami wave set to hit Alaska in minutes

The National Weather Service has predicted a tsunami to will get parts of Alaska in a few moments time.

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