Tube-Fed Toddler's Reaction to Trying Popsicle for the First Time Melts Hearts Online

A toddler's reaction to trying a popsicle for the first time after being fed via feeding tube has melted hearts online, going viral in the process.

On Sunday, TikTok user @kelsey_ward shared the video of her daughter Scarlett's reaction to trying a popsicle for the first time. It has been viewed more than 1.7 million times as of Monday morning.

The sweet seven-second clip starts with the little girl being fed an orange-colored popsicle before it is removed from her mouth.

As Scarlett takes in the flavors, her expression turns from curiosity to delight. She then starts to smile and laugh with happiness.

The caption for the clip captured read: "When you're fed by feeding tube, but you get to try a popsicle for the first time."

After being uploaded, the video has been liked on more than 227,000 occasions and has been commented on some 1,545 times.

Hearts melted online shortly after Kelsey shared the video on the social media platform TikTok, with many being overjoyed to see the child's reaction.

One commenter said: "Aww. She's so precious. I know that excitement all too well."

Another added: "OMG. That smile is everything. She is absolutely beautiful and what a happy girl. Enjoy pretty girl."

A third person commented: "I dunno how many times I replay this video until I realized there's a tube. I'm crying. She has the best mum in the world. Thank you for sharing."

Mother of three Kelsey also asked followers what types of food Scarlett should try next.

Kelsey has uploaded dozens of videos of her daughter. She offers medical tips for parents who happen to have tube-fed children.

She also documents other events in her videos, which usually receive thousands or tens of thousands of views.

Little Scarlett's video is not the only TikTok video to have melted hearts online recently, with many sharing positive comments about a 93-year-old grandmother who just loves to dance.

Marie Francis O'Brien, also known affectionately as Fran, has become a viral superstar on TikTok with more than 120,700 followers.

Her account @Fran_the_hip_gram, surpassed 3.5 million likes and includes numerous funny videos, fashion tips and light-hearted dance routines.

Fran's first video was posted on July 26 by her granddaughter Alison Krause. It has since racked up millions of views within a matter of months.

The pair decided to make the footage in order to cheer up O'Brien's daughter Colleen who was "very ill" from "two stage 4 cancers."

Stock image of popsicles
A stock image of three popsicles. Little Scarlett was overjoyed to try the sweet treats. Getty