Tucker Carlson and Guest Doctor Analyse 'Obese' Kim Jong Un's Health: 'Breathing Heavily, Sweating After Walking A Few Yards'

Tucker Carlson discussed Kim Jong Un's health with a medical contributor tonight after the Fox News host — who traveled with President Donald Trump to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) this weekend — noticed that the North Korean leader was "breathing heavily and sweating after walking just a few yards."

During a segment on Tucker Carlson Live Monday, the host asked medical contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel, to weigh in on whether Kim's behavior at his meeting with Trump on Sunday "suggest serious health concerns that would affect, in the coming years, international diplomacy."

"We noticed at the DMZ meeting, cause it was impossible not to notice, that Kim Jong Un was breathing heavily and sweating after walking just a few yards," Carlson said. "It was clear, we were just a couple of feet away from King Jong Un, that he was winded, like he was breathing through a straw almost, after walking probably 25 yards. Why?"

"The first thing I think of is something called obesity hypoventilation syndrome, which is a fancy word for someone who is obese and can't get enough air into their lungs and has a thick neck with fat in the neck that suppresses breathing," Siegel said. "You breathe very rapidly, and you take shallow breaths, and you may have sleep apnea at night as well, which is another health condition."

Siegel noted that Kim is also a "heavy smoker," a habit that "can interfere with lungs."

"If he's audibly wheezing, that implies either asthma or emphysema," he continued, before then speculating that Kim "travels with a portable toilet" because he doesn't want foreign governments to "analyze what he's taking."

"Is he on medication for his breathing problems? Could he be on steroids? Could he be on inhalers? All of which can impact how long he can stay in power and how long he stays healthy. If he's healthy," Siegel added.

Despite Siegel never having examined Kim, Carlson asked the doctor if he would he concerned if Kim was his patient.

"Absolutely Tucker," the medical contributor answered. "The conditions I talked about all lead to fatigue and problems with sleeping and need for special machinery in sleeping. The smoking on top of the obesity and thick neck will lead to major health issues."

"I'm hardly a physician, but it was very, very, very, noticeable," Carslon concluded.

Trump made history as the first U.S. president to enter North Korean territory on Sunday after he took roughly 20 steps into the hermit kingdom following a handshake with Kim. The apparently impromptu event at the DMZ separating the North and South came a day after the president suggested the pair share a handshake at the border in a tweet.

"After some very important meetings, including my meeting with President Xi of China, I will be leaving Japan for South Korea (with President Moon)," Trump tweeted on Saturday. "While there, if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!"

As Trump shook hands with Kim, the president asked his North Korean counterpart, known for his nuclear ambitions and human rights abuses: "Would you like me to step across? I am okay with it."

Social media heavily criticized Trump's apparent warmth toward Kim on Sunday, with many pointing to the human rights atrocities that the North Korean leader has committed in the past. However, Carlson phoned into Fox & Friends that evening to defend the president's friendly rapport with Kim by claiming that other countries, including American allies, also "commit atrocities."

Fox News Tucker Carlson
Fox News host Tucker Carlson and a medical contributor on Monday questioned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's health during a segment on "Tucker Carlson Live." Fox News/Screenshot