Tucker Carlson Says Joe Biden Might Want War With Russia to Improve Poll Numbers

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said it was "totally possible" Joe Biden would go to war with Russia as a "desperate" measure to improve his polling in the U.S.

Polling data from Reuters on December 6 highlighted "less than half of Americans approve of President Joe Biden."

The national poll was conducted on December 1 and December 2 and found that 46 percent of U.S. adults approved of Biden's performance so far in office.

49 percent of people in the poll disapproved of his performance while the remainder were not sure.

During his show on December 6, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson claimed a war with Russia could be the next step for Biden in order to combat this.

He added that on the next night of his show he would go into greater detail of this possibility. Carlson also posted a clip of this moment to his Twitter page.

In the video he said: "So let's say you are the President of the United States, you wake up one morning and look at your poll numbers and you find yourself somewhat less popular than chlamydia.

"What do you do? You have already lost control of the border and of the economy of the society itself so maybe you would start a war with Russia.

"It is totally possible, desperate politicians do desperate things.

"That is possible, we will be hitting that in some detail tomorrow night, we hope you will stay for that."

Newsweek has contacted Fox News and the White House for comment.

This comes as tensions continue to rise between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia's military build-up along the Ukraine border has been called an aggressive move by the U.S and fuelled tensions between the two countries.

Biden and Putin are scheduled to have a virtual meeting on December 7 and discuss the difficulties facing both countries.

A senior Biden official on Monday during a press call indicated that the U.S did not seek to have a military conflict with Russia over Ukraine, however.

The official said: "I would say that the United States is not seeking to end up in a circumstance in which the focus of our countermeasures is the direct use of military force as opposed to a combination of support for the Ukrainian military, strong economic countermeasures and the substantial increase in support and capability to our NATO allies to ensure that they remain safe."

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also highlighted how this issue has been dealt with in the past and reiterated that military involvement was not the first objective of the U.S.

She said: "I would note that, in the past, if you look back at 2014, that one of the outcomes here, if the were to decide to move forward, is that the other countries in the eastern flank—many of them NATO partners—will be looking for reassurance from the United States.

"That's something that was a follow-up to 2014. I'm not sure that is what Russia wants to see. But that would be a natural consequence if they to move forward as well."

Tucker Carlson and Joe Biden
Tucker Carlson speaks during the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Feszt on August 7, 2021 in Esztergom, Hungary.Joe Biden delivers remarks about the Build Back Better legislation's new rules around prescription drug prices in the East Room of the White House on December 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. Carlson suggested Joe Biden could start a war with Russia to improve polling numbers. Janos Kummer and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images