Tucker Carlson Says Virginia Election Is a 'Referendum' on Democrat Leadership

Tucker Carlson suggested that the gubernatorial election in Virginia is a "referendum" on the leading Democrat figures who have campaigned on behalf of candidate Terry McAuliffe.

In his monologue on the eve of the election, the Fox News host said the results in Virginia will shine a light on the influence of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Barack Obama, who have all appeared with McAuliffe on the campaign trail.

In comparison, Donald Trump hasn't campaigned with the GOP candidate, Glenn Youngkin, despite frequently endorsing him, with Youngkin appearing to distance himself from the former president during his campaign.

Carlson also said the results in Virginia will show how big an issue critical race theory being taught in schools is for voters given that McAuliffe and Youngkin have opposing views on the debate.

Carlson suggested McAuliffe's dismissal of concerns from parents about the academic theory being taught in schools may have harmed his chances of victory.

"Polls suggest that McAuliffe is going to lose this race, and if he does, there's going to be an earthquake within the Democratic Party. Terry McAuliffe was the governor of Virginia just four years ago. Joe Biden won the state by 10 points last November," Carlson said.

"The most famous Democrats on the planet from the sitting President Joe Biden to the former President Barack Obama to Kamala Harris herself have personally campaigned for Terry McAuliffe in the state of Virginia.

"So, the Democratic Party has left nothing on the table, and there's a reason for that. Democrats understand this election is a referendum, not simply on an amoral sleazeball who wants to be the governor again for some reason, but a referendum on the performance of our entire leadership class. A referendum on them."

Education has been a key election issue for Youngkin during the election campaign, with him vowing to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools if he is elected in Virginia. Youngkin also attacked McAuliffe for his remarks that parents should not "be telling schools what they should teach" when asked about the issue.

McAuliffe has dismissed claims that critical race theory is currently taught in Virginia and described the fury over it as a "racist dog whistle" which has been blown out of proportion.

Critical Race Theory Debate

The debate around critical race theory looks set to continue until at least the 2022 midterms, with the results in Virginia potentially paving a way for other GOP candidates to make similar vows to Youngkin.

Carlson's claims that McAuliffe dismissing the debate around critical race theory as racist has hurt him appear to be supported by voters in Virginia.

Chris Hillman, the pastor of a small Baptist church in Blackstone, previously told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he will be backing Youngkin because of his education policies while citing the ongoing tensions in Loudoun County.

For several weeks, parents have been voicing their anger surrounding the proposed teaching of critical race theory in Loudoun County, as well as at the introduction of policies addressing transgender students' rights.

"That'll be the rallying cry. The whole issue with education. That's going to bring people out," Hillman said. "This has been a Democrat state for so long. It shouldn't be this close."

Closing his monologue, Carlson added: "Tomorrow, they can send a very clear signal....Stop dividing us by race. Stop indoctrinating our schoolchildren to hate us. Stop treating parents like domestic terrorists.

"This is not about whether a Republican or a Democrat wins tomorrow. This is about where we go from here as a country."

McAuliffe has been contacted for comment.

 Tucker Carlson
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