Tucson Mayor Warns Trump to Follow COVID Guidelines Ahead of Rally, Reminds Campaign of $80K Owed to City

Ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to Tucson, Arizona on Monday, the city's Democratic mayor, Regina Romero, sent the Trump campaign a letter to remind the president to follow coronavirus guidelines at the rally. She also mentioned that the campaign had an outstanding $80,000 debt to the city from a 2016 rally.

The letter was shared on Friday and was posted to Twitter. The Tucson rally is one of two that Trump will attend in Arizona on Monday.

Romero laid out the different ordinances that she expects members of the Trump campaign to follow during their visit.

"On June 17th, shortly after being granted authority by Governor Ducey, Tucson's Mayor & Council voted unanimously to implement a city-wide mask-wearing requirement for individuals when they are in public places and unable to easily maintain continuous social distancing of at least 6 feet," she wrote after congratulating Trump on recovering from COVID-19 and reminding of the sacrifices that Tucsonans have made. "This and similar actions taken by local governments across our state have been credited with contributing to the decline in COVID-19 cases in Arizona that we began to see in Mid-July."

Romero then wrote which ordinances were currently in effect in Tucson and Pima County, which require residents to wear masks in public when "continuous social distancing is difficult to maintain," but there are exceptions for people with health conditions and young children.

The mayor continued: "It would be deeply unfortunate if one gathering jeopardized all of the progress we have made thus far," she wrote. "That is why I respectfully request that the Trump campaign does everything in its capability to ensure that our local ordinances are respected and followed during your event."

Romero said that Trump's rally was an opportunity to "lead by example" and to "communicate the importance of wearing a mask with supporters" that are planning on going to the rally. She also asked the campaign to promote social distancing.

The mayor offered the city's resources to provide support for the Trump campaign during the rally, but also mentioned a "friendly reminder" that the campaign has yet to pay back an $80,000 debt to the city following a 2016 rally at the Tucson Convention Center.

Romero wrote that the city estimates support for the event Monday would run about $50,000, and asked the campaign to reimburse the cost.

I sent the below letter to President Trump to remind him of the local ordinances in place to protect public health ahead of his #Tucson visit. pic.twitter.com/xkfpQg4l1d

— Regina Romero (@TucsonRomero) October 16, 2020

She concluded the letter, thanking the president in advance for following the guidelines.

An MMWR report on Friday showed a massive decline of the number of COVID-19 cases since the virus peaked in Pima County in June. It showed that there were only 200 recorded cases during the week of October 11.

A media contact for Romero's office did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment. A press contact for the Trump campaign also did not respond to the publication's request for comment in time for publication.

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