Trump Supporters Laughed Out of Tucson City Council Meeting Over 'Sanctuary City' Vote

A man and woman donning gear supporting President Donald Trump were laughed out of a city council meeting in Tucson, Arizona as they ranted against immigrants and proposed plans to designate Tucson as the state's first so-called "sanctuary city" on Tuesday.

The Tucson City Council meeting was held Tuesday to approve the placement of a voter-sponsored initiative on the upcoming November ballot which would officially make Tucson an immigrant-friendly "sanctuary city." Tucson first declared itself an "immigrant-welcoming city" in 2012 but now thousands of residents have banded together to demand the city officially enforce "immigrant-friendly" initiatives through a move being contested by the local Republican Party. The pro-Trump couple present at Tuesday's meeting made it clear they were among the opponents of the Tucson "sanctuary city" vote.

The couple held up a pair of signs reading, "Respect Our Laws or We Will Deport You! No Sanctuary For Criminals!" as the woman in a "Make America Great Again" red trucker hat yelled into her phone and at pro-immigration attendees.

tucson man laughing trump supporters
Trump supporters were laughed out of a raucous Tucson city council meeting intended to address a vote making it Arizona's first sanctuary city. Screenshot: YouTube | KVOA-TV

"Stop Rewarding, Start Deporting!" read another sign held up by the man alongside his massive fountain drink. "You're in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States Constitution. You're in direct violation of our laws," they shouted.

Before the meeting even started, Tucson police officers had to help calm the crowd which largely was in support of the immigration-friendly initiative being placed on the November ballot.

"Follow our laws or go home," the MAGA hat-wearing woman, identified online as Jennifer Harrison, yelled over the discussion. "The city does not change or defy our immigration laws, it's Congress' job to change immigration laws." The MAGA power couple are tied to the AZ Patriots group of "citizen journalists and activists."

"Oh, shut up!" several people can be heard yelling back at the woman. A man seated nearby was recorded by KVOA-TV slapping his knees and belly-laughing at the pro-Trump pair. According to local reporter Nick VinZant, the two declined to speak during the allotted public comment period. The conclusion of VinZant's video shows a police officer approaching the two as they gather their things and begin leaving.

"You're in direct violation of being a jackass," a man heckling the pro-Trump pair can be heard saying.

The seemingly rudimentary meeting to discuss the approval of putting the voter-backed initiative on the ballot soon turned into a raucous series of banjo and vocal performances in support of immigrants. The audience and council members were riled up by a singing duet of pro-immigration activists and a man belly laughing as he watched the pro-Trump couple getting booed and mocked during their attempted protest. Several meeting attendees read from their smartphones as they expressed their support for the immigration-friendly initiative and calls to do more for immigrants.

"We are living in turbulent times, the national rhetoric is increasingly violent, racist, xenophobic and anti-immigrant. Being an immigrant-friendly city is no longer good enough," said one Tucson resident who spoke at the meeting.

Last month, the Pima County Republican Party filed a lawsuit to keep the "sanctuary city" initiative off the November ballot, the Arizona Daily Star first reported in July. The GOP suit challenges the legitimacy of individual signatures collected in order to create the initiative and whether paid petition signatures were gathered. Despite the lawsuit, the Pima County Recorder's office had already certified more than 12,400 signatures––which is more than 3,000 above the threshold needed to qualify for the election day vote.

The Pima GOP rails against "the disdain of the elitist political left" on their official website and are also hosting a "no snowflakes allowed" event to support the city's law enforcement community this Sunday.

The meeting was also supposed to address a potential vote on raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco, but that vote was tabled and rescheduled due to the lively events tied to the immigration discussion.

tucson sanctuary city trump protesters
Trump supporters were laughed out of a raucous Tucson city council meeting intended to address a vote making it Arizona's first so-called "sanctuary city." Screenshot: YouTube | KVOA-TV