'Turning Red' Cast: Voices Behind Pixar Film From 'Killing Eve' Actor to 'Daredevil' Star

Turning Red is Pixar's newest animation which will feature a number of familiar voices, as well as some exciting newcomers to the acting field.

The animated film follows 13-year-old girl Meilin "Mei" Lee, who discovers she has inherited the ability to turn into a giant red panda, though the catch is that she turns into the creature whenever she feels any strong emotions.

But with her close friends Miriam, Priya and Abbey, by her side, Mei is determined to make the best of her situation and keep her cool while navigating the stress of being a teenager.

As expected of an animation of this calibre the film has a stellar voice cast, and here is everything you need to know about them.

Who Stars in the Voice Cast of 'Turning Red'?

Mei is voiced by Rosalie Chiang, who is just starting out in the profession but has already written two books of poetry.

Taking on the role of Mei's overprotective and overbearing mother Ming is Sandra Oh, while Orion Lee portrays her father Jin, and Daredevil star Wai Ching Ho plays the family matriarch, Mei's grandmother.

Mei's friend group is voiced by Ava Morse, who plays Miriam, Hyein Park who voices Abby, and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who takes on the role of Priya.

The film also features the fictional boyband 4*Town, which has five members voiced by Jordan Fisher, Josh Levi, Topher Ngo, Grayson Villanueva, and Billie Eilish's brother Finneas O'Connell, respectively.

Here is the full voice cast for 'Turning Red':

  • Rosalie Chiang as Meilin "Mei" Lee
  • Sandra Oh as Ming Lee, Mei's mother
  • Ava Morse as Miriam, Mei's Caucasian friend.
  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Priya, Mei's Indo-Canadian friend.
  • Hyein Park as Abby, Mei's Korean-Canadian friend.
  • Orion Lee as Jin Lee, Mei's father.
  • Wai Ching Ho as Mei's grandmother.
  • James Hong as Mr. Gao
  • Tristan Allerick Chen as Tyler, Mei's classmate.
  • Addie Chandler as Devon, Mei's secret crush.
  • Jordan Fisher voices Robaire, a member of 4*Town
  • Finneas O'Connell voices Jesse, a member of 4*Town
  • Topher Ngo voices Aaron T., a member of 4*Town
  • Grayson Villanueva voices Tae Young, a member of 4*Town
  • Josh Levi voices Aaron Z., a member of 4*Town
  • Lori Tan Chinn voices Auntie Chen, Mei's family member
  • Mia Tagano voices Lily, Mei's family member
  • Sherry Cola voices Helen, Mei's family member
  • Lillian Lim voices Auntie Ping, Mei's family member
  • Sasha Roiz voices Mr. Kieslowski
  • Lily Sanfelippo voices Stacy Frick

Turning Red is out now on Disney+

Turning Red
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