Turpin Family Update: Where Does Case Stand After 911 Audio Reveals Allegations That Parents Tortured Children

David and Louise Turpin, the parents who allegedly held their 13 children captive, appear in court on February 23 in Riverside, California. Damian Dovarganes/AFP/Getty Images

David and Louise Turpin could face numerous charges, including child abuse, false imprisonment and torture after the latest development in the case involving the California parents accused of keeping their 13 children isolated from the world in nearly unspeakable conditions.

The Turpin parents were present at a hearing Wednesday in Riverside County, California, aimed at determining if they should face trial. A 911 call made in secret by the couple's 17-year-old daughter was played at the hearing. The allegations made in the call were harrowing.

"I live in a family of 15 people, and our parents are abusive," she said during the call, according to People magazine.

The daughter detailed to the 911 operator a life of nearly complete isolation, saying she didn't really understand how streets worked when trying to describe where she lived.

"They are abusive," she said, according to People. "And two of my sisters are chained up."

According to CNN, prosecutors have alleged the parents—56-year-old David and 49-year-old Louise—would torture, beat and starve the children, while the family dogs were groomed and well-fed. The couple was arrested in January. They have pleaded not guilty to more than 40 charges in total.

The 17-year-old daughter was allegedly only able to make the call after getting her hands on a deactivated cellphone. The siblings in the home ranged from age 2 to age 29. The parents are accused of not letting them leave or get jobs and exist in the outside world. During the call the daughter described the home as nearly unlivable.

"I can't breathe because of how dirty the house is," she said, via CNN. "We don't take baths. I don't know if we need to go to the doctor."

During the call, the daughter reportedly alleged to the 911 operator that two of her sisters and one brother were chained to beds. Time magazine reported that when police showed up to the home, two girls—11 and 14 years old respectively—had been quickly removed from their chains but the 22-year-old son remained chained down. And according to the accusations made in the court, the act of chaining down children was not an uncommon thing in the household.

The allegations that came up in court were disturbing, the children reportedly being denied food, mental stimulation, sanitary conditions or anything outside of being allowed to write in a journal. They allegedly spent much of their time locked in rooms with little freedom to socialize. Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy Manuel Campos testified that when a daughter was caught watching a Justin Bieber video, she was choked and threatened with death.

"Yes you do, yes you do, you do, you want to die," the mother said, according to Campos, via Time. "You want to die and go to hell."

The hearing was scheduled to continue Thursday.