TV Guide: Viewers Prefer Regular Shows to Obama

We're still over an hour away from the kick-off of President Obama's news conference, but here's some discouraging news for the White House: TV Guide polled its online audience to see whether they'd rather watch an Obama event or regular primetime TV. Guess what? A majority—62 percent of those polled—say they rather be watching their TV shows. Granted, it's an online poll and not very scientific. But it's no secret here in the White House press room that the networks don't like interrupting their regular primetime programming for Obama events. Their beef: It costs them millions in lost advertising revenue. In fact, there was a little drama about the timing of all of this. Initially, the White House had announced that the news conference would begin tonight at 9pm, but NBC reportedly balked. (They have an interview with Susan Boyle, a Dick Cheney fave, airing tonight.) In hopes of getting more coverage, administration officials decided to move up the start time an hour earlier. They still lost out with Fox, though--which is sticking with its scheduled airing of So You Think You Can Dance.