TV Presenter Attacked by Naked Woman Live on Air

A TV presenter in Romania has been attacked live on air by a naked woman who stormed onto the set with a brick in her hand.

Mirela Vaida, the presenter of Access Direct, a news show on the Romanian broadcast network Antenna 1, was in the middle of a live segment on 19 March when the woman came charging at her.

The incident was captured on film, showing how Vaida stopped talking and started to scream as she reacted to something off-camera.

The shot then pans out and a completely naked woman can be seen running rapidly towards the presenter holding something up in her hand.

marela vaida
The TV presenter reacts to a naked woman charging at her armed with a brick. Access Direct

While Vaida backs off, the woman throws the object at Vaida—who manages to dodge out of the way before it crashes to the ground.

At the same time, a member of the crew has run onto the set to try and stop the woman who starts shouting. Other members of staff follow and soon the woman is overpowered.

Vaida escaped from the incident unharmed and later claimed that it took six people to remove the woman from the set, according to Romania outlet Fanatik.

Antena 1 stopped the show for 15 minutes and ran promos in the interim.

Vaida then returned to the show and told viewers a bit more about what had happened.

She said: "I am just in shock. I make a great effort to stay calm. I was attacked right when I entered the set."

Vaida said the wall of the set had been broken by the rock and that her coworkers had immobilized the attacker, covering her with a blanket before the police took her away.

Speaking about the incident during an interview with her colleague Mihai Gâdea on Antenna 3 Monday, Vaida said that she didn't know the woman, who police told her was from Iaşi county in the east of Romania.

The identity of the suspect does not appear to have been revealed by the police yet.

Vaida said the crime "seems to me an attempted murder" since the woman was screaming: "I wanted to kill her, I want to kill her, I want to take her head." while she was being handcuffed by police.

The presenter also revealed that the woman has been taken to Obregia Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Bucharest, where she will undergo examination.

Speaking about the hate messages she has received this year, Vaida told her coworker: "It hurts me that this year of the pandemic in which many have lost their parents, brothers, sisters, loved ones—a year in which hundreds of thousands of people died all over Europe, millions of people in the world—this year taught us nothing.

"This year made us come home, to stay with family, with children, with husbands, with wives, to love each other, to isolate ourselves maybe for a purpose. People seem to have gotten worse. People have become evil, people have felt that being a hater is cool. People felt that cursing, insulting, throwing stones — not just figuratively — literally in the heads of those who appear on television, or who express an opinion or who represent a television station, or a show, or a point from a visual point of view, people have become accustomed to attacking them with bullets, with ugly words."

Newsweek has contacted the Romanian Police for comment.