Tweeple Trail: Tiger Woods Had Better Win the Masters, Or Else

Last week, Tiger's sexts were the talk of Twitter—from the golfer's predictably nasty ones to our favorite, "No turkey unless it's a club sandwich." But now, with Woods confirmed to appear at Augusta in fewer than two weeks, Tweeps are forecasting what his sordid text-trail will mean on the course. Can he withstand the embarrassment to pull off one of the "most shocking comebacks in sports history," like Rick Reilly says he'd better? Can he shore up against more media attention than he's ever received in his over-scrutinized life (for the first time in recent memory, People is accredited to cover the Masters )? After a five-month layoff, Woods is the odds-on favorite according to Golf Digest, but's Jim Suttie thinks it'd be a coup if Woods made the top ten. "[He] just won't be tuned into the competitive mindset that a Tour player needs to win," he writes. Punditry: what think ye?

@JimmyTraina: If he doesn't win Masters, there can be all sorts of fun had with "Tiger Chokes" headlines.

@suther03: Winning changes nothing for Tiger Woods. If Hitler wins the Masters he'd still be a bad guy. Although I'd be impressed because he's dead.

@jimmyfallon: Healthcare passed, Tiger did 2 interviews, and Kansas lost. So if you're a Republican slut in Topeka…you had a bad weekend.

@michaelwalkerjr: Paul Casey on what he'd say to Tiger Woods on the first tee: "Nike 1, blue dot."

@WSJCouch (Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal): Prof sez Tiger Masters win = "Roy Hobbs stepping out of hospital bed in The Natural." Wha? Try Austin Powers climbing out of hot tub.

When Tiger wins and walks off the course, I can't wait to watch him hug mom. I might cry!

@whitlockjason: Golfers will survive the Tiger talk. Give it a rest.

@SIPabloTorre: Odds on Tiger pulling a Vince McMahon?

@jonstennistweet (Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated): Can we retire the phrase, 'don't call it a comeback' ?

@jimrome: Tiger's first presser, April 5 @ the Masters: Prep up on Dr. A. Galea, T. And no, that's not in the police report, nor between you and Elin.

@stephaniewei: It's now all about that Buddhism bracelet for protection

@morethancynical: At the Masters, what are the odds going to be on how long it takes for the first 'hole in one' jokes?

@xzi: Tiger Woods owes Jesse James a debt of gratitude.