Twitch Streamer Hyphonix Banned, Can’t Talk With Roommates (UPDATE)

hyphonix banned
Hyphonix and Black streaming on Twitch days before the ban LiveStreamFails Reddit

UPDATE: Twitch has told Hyphonix he can appear on his roommates' streams. 

Twitch recently banned Hyphonix (who hasn’t revealed his real name) for 30 days and the streamer is  having a hard time adjusting. Hyphonix made a name for himself with a long history of risque content over his two-and-half year history on the platform, streaming Runescape, Clash Royale and himself awkwardly talking to girls. In late February, an unfortunate nipple slip on his channel caused him to receive a week-long ban, putting his channel on thin ice. On March 9, he received the month-long ban for taking his shirt off after covering himself in tomato sauce. All nudity, regardless of gender, has been banned from twitch after recent Community Guidelines update.

Normally, a mistake like that wouldn’t have received such a strong penalty. But Hyphonix said it’s “because I’ve been banned multiple times in such a short time frame, it became a 30-day ban.” The chaos has thrown his normal life into disarray. Black, a fellow Twitch streamer and one of Hyphonix’s roommates, has to keep him off his stream too, or else he could receive a ban. Black continues to stream leaving an increasingly isolated Hyphonix to rant on Twitter.

The whole situation, like most Twitch drama, is incredibly complicated. Users on the “LiveStreamFails” subreddit have been actively watching events unfold, having debates over what  Hyphonix next move should be. Partnered Twitch streamers are under contract to remain exclusive to the platform, but Twitch lifted Hyphonix restriction to allow him to move to YouTube Live. If Hyphonix were to do that, he would not be forced to abide by Twitch’s Community Guidelines. On the other hand, he’d have to build up a following on a brand new platform which can be risky. Streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino had a successful transition from Twitch to YouTube, but not everyone is that lucky.  

In total, Hyphonix has been banned eight times on Twitch, though they were months apart. Twitch has a strikes system that resets every few months, so multiple bans applied within the same month have a much stricter penalty. It’s unclear what’s next for Hyphonix, but there’s no way this edgelord stays offline for long.