Twitch Recap 2021: How To See Your Streaming Review and Why It Might Not Be Working

Twitch is the latest app to roll out an end of year review feature, but some people are unable to access this one.

Throughout December, we have seen multiple websites doing annual roundups of user activity. On the first day of the month, Spotify Wrapped came out and enabled you to share insights about your music taste with friends.

Shortly thereafter, Reddit unveiled its most upvoted posts of the last 12 months, Google released analytics on its top trends and Instagram debuted a new Playback feature. Meanwhile, Snapchat had a rocky, but unintentionally hilarious, launch for its "End of Year" review.

The latest example of one of these roundups is "Twitch Recap 2021". As you would expect, this provides users with an overview of how they used the streaming platform over the last year. It contains data on things like which channels you watched most, if there were any emotes you were particularly fond of using and generally how long you spent watching broadcasts.

As with Spotify Wrapped, there is also a separate version of the feature for content creators, which allows them to get insights on their viewership figures and their core demographics.

How to See Your Twitch Recap 2021

Twitch Recap 2021 is now live and accessing the feature should be incredibly easy.

It's not like on Instagram or Spotify where you have to find a specific banner or follow a link in the app. Instead, you should just get all of the information summarized for you in an email that goes straight to your inbox.

Why You Might Not Get a Twitch Recap 2021 Email

In theory, you are supposed to get an invite sent directly to the email address that is linked to your Twitch account. However, some users are reporting that this has not happened for them.

If this is the case for you, then the first thing you ought to do is double-check that the email has not automatically been filed in your spam or junk folders. This does happen sometimes, as the Twitch Recap is technically a promotional email.

Speaking of which, the other reason that you might not have received your roundup is that you have not ticked the relevant box in your account settings.

Twitch classifies its recap as a marketing email, which means that you need to have opted-in to receive this kind of communication from them. If you haven't done so already, then it's unfortunately too late to change this and get your 2021 recap.

However, you can ensure that you don't miss next year's by following these simple steps.

  1. Log in to your Twitch account
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Navigate to "Settings"
  4. Open the "Notifications" tab
  5. Click on "By Email"
  6. Scroll down right to the bottom of the list and toggle on "Marketing".

For clarity, we have provided a slideshow of images that show you exactly how to do all of this below.

If you didn't get a Twitch Recap 2021 and had already opted-in to receive marketing emails (and you have checked that it's definitely not in your spam folder), then you will need to contact Twitch Support for further advice.

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