'Fortnite' Streamer Loeya Looks to Take Over Twitch by Staying Authentic and Upbeat

Loeya is one of the lucky few who manages to make a living playing video games on Twitch. Every day, the Swedish 20-year-old (who prefers to keep her real name anonymous) starts streaming and doesn't stop. For the next six to eight hours, thousands of her fans, which she called "loeyalists" watch her play Epic Games battle royale, Fortnite . Since she started her streaming career in August 2017, she's soared to the heights of the platform and has managed to make a decent living from getting victory royales.

"I like the competitive part of it. I love to compete and I love to win," Loeya told Newsweek . Over the past 30 days, she's had 2.8 million views and streamed for more than 280 hours on her channel. Over 5,500 viewers a month subscribe to her channel, either paying a five-dollar fee or linking their Twitch account with Amazon Prime, netting her two to three dollars for each sub. They support her channel, even donating money to send her messages on stream, enabling her to stream full-time.

As a kid, she played games like The Sims, Hearthstone and League of Legends , much to the chagrin of her parents. "My dad wasn't a fan of it. He hated me playing games. But I think he's a lot more open to it now," Loeya said. Her parents badgered her about "going outside and playing with her friends," unaware that she was socializing in League of Legends . "I would actually have to tell [my mom] that I was playing with my friends on the internet—they are talking to me, I'm just not there physically."

Loeya was enamored by Twitch from the outset. "When I was in high school, I was pretty stressed, and a friend introduced me to Twitch who watched it for League of Legends ," Loeya said. "I was taken by the whole experience of being able to play a game and have a lot of people be with you, experiencing the same thing." She told herself that after graduating high school, she'd give herself a year to try to develop a following streaming on Twitch.

Originally, she played Valve's first-person-shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive but found the need for a team restrictive. Having players leave halfway through or throw on purpose pushed her toward a game that you can play all by yourself: Fortnite . After starting in Season 3, she started seeing immense growth on Twitch, with thousands of new viewers coming to her channel to see trickshots in a positive environment.

Loeya believes that the growth of her audience stems from her ability to play Fortnite and a sincere investment in her community. "I try to be the best I can be," she said. "In general, I try just to have a good time and people really appreciate an authentic kind of stream."

Drama is a huge part of the online influencer toolkit, with smaller channels sprouting overnight like Jack's beanstalk thanks to the right feud or diss track. Loeya tries her best to stay away from controversy. From her perspective, the only fighting she needs to is in-game. "I don't want to be somebody because of somebody else," she said. "You don't really talk bad about others to begin with. Sometimes you get a little heated. I'm pretty open and try to explain why I said something, [give] a clear reasoning."

To keep her stream from descending into chaos, her channel has a strict set of rules enforced by a team of moderators. Viewers can speak in her chatroom, bit if things get a little rowdy she isn't afraid to slam down the ban hammer. This allows her to maintain a positive attitude while streaming, free of the drama and hate that can bog down other large channels.

Playing in high-tier games of Fortnite , Loeya sometimes finds herself taking out high-tier streamers like DrLupo. This pulls more eyes to her channel, with the larger streamer's viewers wanting to know who managed to defeat their idol. "After I killed this one pro (French player Kinstaar), I asked him if he wanted to play games with me," she remembered. "Both of our communities really enjoyed that."

Loeya wants to keep streaming on Twitch for the foreseeable future and would only leave the platform "if (it) wasn't there anymore." But she doesn't see that happening anytime soon. "I think we are going to be around. I don't think it's something that just dies. If you keep on putting effort into it, it can't. I wanted to build a brand," she explained.

For her haters that lurk in her YouTube comments and try to take her down, she has this to say. "I don't think anyone really feels that girls can't get game. It could be jealousy, maybe they have some issues with themselves, like, 'I feel like this girl is better than me so I'm just going to say girls can't get play games.' They are insecure."

Catch Loeya on her Twitch channel or check out her clips on YouTube.