Twitter Employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz Live-Tweets Her Daughter’s Birth @Claire

Twitter’s logo. Eric Thayer/Reuters

Among skeptics and non-users, Twitter is frequently criticized for enabling its users to publicize what might otherwise be viewed as a private moment.

Twitter employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s decision to live-Tweet her daughter’s recent birth won’t likely alter that perception. But it did garner the self-described technology innovator and published author dozens of retweets and new followers—and made her daughter a minor Internet celebrity before she had exited the womb.

Diaz-Ortiz (owner of a coveted first-name handle, @Claire) realized her water was breaking on Saturday. So she began live-Tweeting the experience using the hashtag “#inlabor”:

She hit some major hiccups on the way to the hospital:

But eventually she made it—and, smartphone in hand, tried to convey the physical sensations of going into #labor:

Things seemed to turn out well, and Diaz-Ortiz finally took a break from the social media site when her baby daughter, Lucía, had arrived in her arms:

That baby, of course, now has a prestigious five-character Twitter handle of her own, @lucia—a trend that warrants (and has) its own trend piece.

Maybe it’s a prescient glimpse of How We Give Birth Now, or maybe it’s just a fleeting glimpse into one new mother’s family life. Either way, it’s far more uplifting than the woman who inadvertently livetweeted her husband’s death.