Twitter Flags Trump Election Stealing Claim As Misinformation on Election Night

A tweet that President Donald Trump posted alleging Democrats were trying to "steal" the presidential election was flagged by Twitter as containing potentially "misleading" information.

Trump posted the tweet shortly before 1 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning while both presidential candidates were waiting for election results to come in.

"We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election," Trump's post said. "We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!"

We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 4, 2020

Shortly after he posted the tweet, Twitter flagged it with a message that read, "Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process." Twitter also included a link to its civic integrity policy, which says the platform cannot be used "for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes."

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump visits his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, on November 3, 2020. Early Wednesday morning, Twitter flagged one of Trump's tweets, saying its allegations that Democrats were trying to "steal" the election violated its civic integrity policy. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

"We may label and reduce the visibility of Tweets containing false or misleading information about civic processes in order to provide additional context," according to Twitter's policy.

Twitter has flagged several of Trump's tweets in recent months for violating its policies. On Monday, the platform flagged another of the president's tweets, also for allegedly violating its civic integrity policy. In that case, the tweet alleged that a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing votes to be counted after Election Day in Pennsylvania would "allow rampant and unchecked cheating."

The Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one. It will allow rampant and unchecked cheating and will undermine our entire systems of laws. It will also induce violence in the streets. Something must be done!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 3, 2020

Facebook similarly flagged several of Trump's posts on Tuesday and early Wednesday. In one Facebook post published on Tuesday evening, Trump wrote that his bid for re-election was "looking good all over the country." A few hours later, he also posted the same message on Facebook that Twitter flagged as possibly misleading. For both posts, Facebook added flags that read, "Final results may be different from initial vote counts, as ballot counting will continue for days or weeks." In these notes, Facebook also provided a link to its Voting Information Center, which includes facts about voting, ballot counts and where the race stands between Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Newsweek reached out to Trump's campaign for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

As Election Day came to an end with no clear national winner, both candidates made statements on Twitter that indicated their campaigns believed the race was still within reach. While news outlets have already called several states for either Biden or Trump, the results in key battleground states remained up in the air in the early hours on Wednesday.

Due to record early voting numbers reported across the country, many political experts have warned voters that it could take days to determine who won the presidency due to the time required to tally mail-in ballots, which most states do not allow election officials to begin counting until Election Day.