Sam Smith 'Shocked' After Friend Suffers Racist Abuse

Sam Smith performs at Qantas Credit Union Arena on December 4, 2015. Smith was left "speechless" on Wednesday after witnessing his friend suffer racist abuse. Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Grammy winner Sam Smith was left "speechless" on Wednesday after a close friend was subjected to racist abuse.

In a series of tweets, the singer recounted how his friend was "verbally abused racially" while out in London. Smith, 23, goes on to allege that police officers were "unhelpful" when the pair told them what had happened.

Just experienced my friend getting verbally abused racially in London. I am absolutely SPEECHLESS.

— samsmith (@samsmith) January 20, 2016

I never ever ever ever thought that would happen here. Absolutely speechless and hurt.

— samsmith (@samsmith) January 20, 2016

I feel like I have to shine some sort of light on it. The police were so unhelpful in the situation and its deeply shocked me.

— samsmith (@samsmith) January 20, 2016

Humans are HUMANS

— samsmith (@samsmith) January 20, 2016

I feel like I have to say something. I'm just so upset. So UPSET

— samsmith (@samsmith) January 20, 2016

Though Smith's posts were a well-intentioned attempt to shed light on what was clearly a distressing episode for the singer and his friend, some social media users have reacted negatively to the artist, who was born in London, seemingly not knowing that abuse of this kind still happens in the city.

Me when Sam Smith told me that racism is a thing and police don't care

— Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) January 20, 2016