Twitter Reacts To Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Saying They're Going to 'Step Back' From Royal Duties

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle dropped a bombshell announcement on Wednesday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed plans to "step back" from their lives and duties as members of Great Britain's royal family and work to become financially independent from Queen Elizabeth II.

The surprising announcement was shared on the couple's Sussex Royal Instagram account.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to 'Step Back' as Members of the Royal Family
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex depart Canada House on January 07, 2020, in London, England. The couple announced plans to "step back" from royal life in an Instagram post on January 8, 2020. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

"After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution. We intend to step back as 'senior' members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen," the statement read. "It is with your encouragement, particularly over the last few years, that we feel prepared to make this adjustment."

Harry and Markle explained they'd balance their time going forward "between the United Kingdom and North America" while continuing to recognize Queen Elizabeth II, the Commonwealth and work with their various patronages.

"This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born, while also providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity," the statement continued. "We look forward to sharing the full details of this exciting next step in due course, as we continue to collaborate with Her Majesty The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and all relevant parties. Until then, please accept our deepest thanks for your continued support."

Their announcement sparked a wave of shock on social media and mixed reactions. Journalist and British broadcaster Piers Morgan, who has long been outspoken with his criticism of American-born Markle, was one of the first to condemn the couple's decision.

"People say I'm too critical of Meghan Markle—but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from [Prince] William & now has split him from the Royal Family. I rest my case," Morgan wrote.

People say I'm too critical of Meghan Markle - but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from William & has now split him from the Royal Family.
I rest my case.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 8, 2020

He followed up the message with a gif of Harry lifting Markle's veil on their wedding day and included the caption, "'What Meghan wants.. Meghan gets.'"

‘What Meghan wants.. Meghan gets.’

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 8, 2020

However, there were some people who were supportive of the couple's decision to live outside of the realms of royalty. A number of people expressed interest in what life would mean for Harry and Markle as regular public citizens. See a few reactions from Harry and Markle's announcement below.

me thriving in my best life in fall 2020 after meghan markle relaunches the tig

— emma lord (@dilemmalord) January 8, 2020

Meghan Markle really did that!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Caroline Moss (@CarolineMoss) January 8, 2020

As much as l love #MeghanMarkle she can be very selfish, l'm not happy she is taking #PrinceHarry away from his Country, and Royal family.
Harry won't get Royal protection anymore.
If anything ever happens to him, the world will blame her.
Too right.
Hopefully they will be safe.

— MaryM Robin ✒📝 ☕The Mary Way (@MaryMRobin) January 8, 2020

Prince Harry: "Meghan and I want to live a normal life and step down from the Royal Family".

The Queen:#PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle

— Matt (@MatthewLaisby) January 8, 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said they’re stepping back as senior members of the royal family, working to become financially independent.

Prince Harry stepping away from his toxic family and racist british media so him and Meghan can live happily ever after. Love that.

— Denizcan James (@MrFilmkritik) January 8, 2020

Have decided to step back from their Royal Role & leave the UK.
Did they jump before they were pushed? 😂

— Summer Belle (@SummerRhapsody) January 8, 2020