Twitter Reacts to Roger Stone Dancing to 'Trump Won' Election Rap Song Outside CPAC

Twitter reacted with confusion and amusement to a video of Roger Stone dancing outside of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, as an unidentified hip-hop artist rapped about former President Donald Trump winning the 2020 election.

The rapper and Stone were filmed by several people performing in front of a monster truck parked outside the venue that featured Trump's face photoshopped onto Sylvester Stallone's body from the Rambo movie, against an American flag backdrop.

"Trump 2021, yeah he had it in the bag. I just got a call from General Flynn, yeah he told me the facts. Democrats you gonna tell me how you feelin' about that," the rapper sung. "Who won. Trump won. Who Won. Trump Won! Watermark the baddest, 45 the chosen one."

"Fed did a sweep. Patriots be pulling up, knocking on the Capitol," the lyrics continued.

Twitter users quickly shared their reactions to Stone dancing.

International TV host Tatjana Pasalic tweeted: "There are no words."

There are no words.

— Tatjana Pasalic (@Tattytats) February 27, 2021

"When can the aliens come and annihilate us please," wrote comic book author Ron Marz.

When can the aliens come and annihilate us please?

— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) February 27, 2021

"Stares in Diamond and Silk..." tweeted MSNBC national correspondent Joy Reid.

Stares in Diamond and Silk...

— Joy-Ann Pro-Democracy & Masks Reid 😷 (@JoyAnnReid) February 27, 2021

American band the Mountain Goats tweeted, "Imagine if your flow was so terrible that Roger Stone felt it."

imagine if your flow was so terrible that Roger Stone felt it

— The Mountain Goats (@mountain_goats) February 27, 2021

"I see The Good Place released their deleted scenes," tweeted writer Kara R Brown.

I see The Good Place released their deleted scenes

— KB (@KaraRBrown) February 27, 2021

Stone, one of Trump's most vocal allies, has repeatedly claimed without evidence over the past few months that widespread voter fraud resulted in President Joe Biden's election win last November.

On December 23, Trump pardoned Stone after he was sentenced to 40 months in prison on seven counts of witness tampering, lying to Congress, and obstructing the inquiry by the House into the Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia.

Prior to the pardon, the ex-president commuted Stone's sentence in July.

At CPAC, Stone told Fox News that he would back Trump if the former president launches another campaign for 2024.

"If he ran again I would certainly support him, but four years is a very long time. What will happen now based on history is the Democrats and academia and the media will seek to bury his great accomplishments," he said.

Stone added: "The American people need to be reminded that we had the greatest jobs boom in American history, for example, under President Trump, that we rebuilt our military strength, that we negotiated much, much better trade deals—so I favor some kind of Trump Legacy Project to remind the people of how much this man accomplished with the opposition of elite leadership of both parties."

Several outlets reported that Stone was greeted by a crowd of Trump supporters at the conservative event on Saturday, with countless attendees stopping him for handshakes and photo ops.

Roger Stone dancing to Trump rap song
Roger Stone dances with rapper Forgiato Blow as he arrives for the Conservative Political Action Conference held in the Hyatt Regency on February 27, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty

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