Twitter Ridicules Trump For Posting Doctored Tape Mocking Joe Biden: 'Trump Bragged About Sexually Assaulting Women'

President Donald Trump on Thursday mocked former Vice President Joe Biden by posting a doctored clip of the potential 2020 Democratic candidate pledging to be more conscious of personal space in the wake of several allegations against him from women for unwelcome contact. However, the internet was quick to remind Trump of the numerous allegations brought by women against him.

"WELCOME BACK JOE!" the president tweeted, alongside a 13-second clip of Biden's video statement, doctored to show another Biden creeping up behind himself, grabbing his shoulders and smelling his neck.

"I shake hands, I hug people, I grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this," Biden said in the clip as images were superimposed behind him, which appeared to have been taken from a viral photo where he held the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter's wife. Carter has since spoken out about the incident, making clear she was comfortable with the interaction.

While many of the president's supporters liked the tweet, thousands of Twitter users were quick to condemn Trump after he shared the tweet to his 59.5 million followers on Thursday, with some calling the president out for being hypocritical.

Since rising to public prominence as a real estate mogul in the 1970s, at least 23 women have made sexual misconduct allegations against Trump, though the president has downplayed all of the accusations as "fabricated."

"The reason Donald Trump can tweet videos out like that about Biden is that he has a perfectly clean, upstanding reputation as a man who respects women, one who would never invade their personal space or doing anything to make them feel manipulated or violated," Daily Beast staffer Sam Stein tweeted sarcastically.

"Today Trump shared a doctored video of Joe Biden - We need to thank Trump for giving the media a reason to remind people about how Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women," radio host Dean Obeidallah tweeted, alongside of clip of Trump's infamous Access Hollywood tape where he brags about grabbing women "by the p****."

Frequent Trump detractor Brian Krassenstein tweeted a list of Trump's former indiscretions.

Other social media users suggested that Trump posting doctored videos of the former vice president is inappropriate behavior for someone who is perhaps the most powerful person in the world.

"The leader of the free world tweeted a doctored video of Joe Biden fondling himself," New York Magazine tweeted.

"Trump's utter shamelessness, in one creepy tweet," Vox journalist Aaron Rupar wrote.

"Our ?president? being "precedential" [sic] again on Twitter," user Sally Piccillo tweeted, alongside an article about the doctored video.

"How very "presidential" of him," retired White House correspondent Peter Maer tweeted.

Singer Barbra Streisand even weighed in on the issue, tweeting: "Trump is an utter hypocrite commenting on Joe Biden. Trump has been accused by 23 women of sexual assault and caught on tape admitting, in crude terms, to sexual assaults."

Twitter Ridicules Trump For Posting Doctored Tape Mocking Joe Biden: 'Trump Bragged About Sexually Assaulting Women' | U.S.