How To: New Twitter Safety Feature Allows Users to Appeal Tweet Violation, Suspension in App

Social media platform Twitter announced changes to its safety features on the app Tuesday. While many users have called for the platform to make safety changes that would protect users who are targeted or harassed, other changes were introduced instead.

The company announced that users who have a tweet of theirs removed from the platform because it seems to violate its rules will now be able to appeal that removal right in the app. Before this addition, users had to appeal the removal through an online form. The change was announced in a tweet by the Twitter Safety team and the company said it would allow the team to respond to users 60% faster than it could when appeals were filed online.

We move quickly to enforce our rules, but sometimes we don’t have the full context and can make mistakes.

To fix that, we added a way for people to appeal our decision in the app and have been able to get back to people 60% faster than before.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) April 2, 2019

"We move quickly to enforce our rules, but sometimes we don't have the full context and can make mistakes," said Twitter. Some people on Twitter were pleased with the change, replying to the post from Twitter with messages like, "Good move guys cheers" and "I appreciate your attempt at fairness." Others were less excited, saying they'll believe the change when they see it.

Twitter said users will be able to see the tweet that was removed or that got them suspended and appeal it, as well as the opportunity to explain why the tweet didn't violate the platform's standards. A number of actions can get a tweet or account removed from Twitter.

The Twitter rules state that users cannot post content that wishes, or expresses, the want for harm or death to group or individual; they can not send unwanted sexual advances or content; can't harass other users; can't glorify violence or threaten it and more. Accounts that do publish such posts can be reported and Twitter can remove the tweets or the entire account.

How to appeal a report on Twitter:

First users have to have a tweet of theirs reported in order to be able to appeal. When users have a tweet reported they'll see a page in Twitter that says the tweet was reported and their account locked. The page will also explain which standards of Twitter that the tweet violated and give a link to the policy.

Users will then have the option to start the appeal process and either remove the tweet or explain why it doesn't violate the community guidelines in the first place. The example Twitter gives is a tweet that says, "Boom headshot! You don't have a chance! I'm going to kill you this time with a knife."

The person in the example is appealing because they say the tweet was a joke between friends who were talking about a video game.

twitter tweet appeal
A man poses for a photograph using Twitter on his cell phone on March 27, 2018. The company announced a new way for users to appeal reported tweets Tuesday. Diptendu Dutta/AFP/Getty Images