Two Arrested in Alabama After Brawl Breaks Out at Chinese Buffet Over Crab Legs

Meteor Buffet
A fight over crab legs broke out at the Meteor Buffet in Huntsville, Alabama, on February 22. The brawl, which including plates being smashed, resulted in the arrest of two people. Google Maps

Two people are facing misdemeanor charges after they allegedly fought over crab legs at a dinner buffet in Huntsville, Alabama.

Huntsville Police Officer Gerald Johnson was eating at the Meteor Buffet on Friday when he said a brawl broke out as diners waited for crab legs. "Literally, as I sat down and maybe took two bites out of my plate," Johnson told WHNT-TV.

Johnson said he witnessed a woman beating a man, plates shattering and diners using service tongs as fencing swords. The fight began after diners were forced to wait for crab legs for more than 10 minutes.

"Everyone was saying, 'They cut me in line. She cut me in line. He cut me in line. I was here first,'" Johnson said.

He added: "They'd been waiting there for the crab legs for a good 10, 20 minutes. When they finally came out, it's very heated. Especially if someone is taking more than their fair share."

Police arrested two diners, identified as John Chapman and Chequita Jenkins, following the fight. Chapman, who suffered a cut to his head, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, Jenkins was not hurt and was charged with third-degree assault. She is scheduled to appear in court on March 21, WHNT-TV reported. Neither Chapman nor Jenkins appear to be jailed by the Madison County Sheriff's Department.

Chapman and Jenkins could be ordered to pay several hundred dollars in fines. Court records were not available to show whether Chapman or Jenkins have a lawyer, the Associated Press reported.

Meteor Buffet, a Chinese restaurant, did not release any statement regarding the incident on its Facebook account.