Two Buses Crash in New York's Lincoln Tunnel, Injuring More Than 30

Traffic is backed up on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel in Weehawken, New Jersey, on Wednesday. Joe Epstein/AP

Updated | Between 35 and 40 people were injured in a crash involving two buses in New York City's Lincoln Tunnel. The tunnel, one of the New York's busiest, is packed with traffic at nearly all hours of the day. 

One bus rear-ended the other on the New York City side of the tunnel, in the center tube. According to the Associated Press, a New Jersey Transit bus crashed into the back of a privately operated bus carrying Canadian schoolchildren.

None of the children were injured. Two people were brought out on stretchers. Two others walked out of the tunnel with the help of authorities. Four of those hurt had severe neck and back injuries. A total of 31 people were taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.  Because the door was bent in the crash, passengers were stuck on the bus for up to 20 minutes before they were evacuated by a police officer. 

As a result of the incident and the travel delays it has caused, New Jersey Transit will honor bus tickets for the train. Delays of over an hour are expected inside the tunnel. 

Some people stuck in the tunnel were unsure what was causing the issue. "I am in a Jitney bus. The driver hasn't said anything but the passengers are now sharing info," Chris Cragin Day, a passenger stuck in the tunnel, told Newsweek on social media. "Pray for those who were hurt."

Another Twitter user, identified by the name Chapin, wrote, "I am stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel due to a bus accident and the police are saying a woman has gone into labor. Good luck, kid!" Chapin told Newsweek a police officer had been walking from bus to bus giving updates on the situation and mentioned this to their driver. Authorities were unable to immediately confirm this to Newsweek. Other media organizations reported the same news.

One Twitter user said authorities were instructing buses to back out of the tunnel if possible. 

Port Authority police did not respond to immediate request for comment.