Two Cats Recreate 'Lion King' Mufasa Scar Cliff Scene in Epic Viral Video

A dramatic video of a catfight that eerily reflects the brutal cliff scene in The Lion King went viral on Twitter.

The video of two cats fighting on a rooftop garnered more than 6 million views, more than 380,000 likes and more than 100,000 shares on Twitter before it was removed. But nothing really dies on the internet, and another version of the clip can be viewed below.


—Long... Live... The King. 👹

— мvoÑ…_1 (@iammattian) September 6, 2020

Captioned "Long live the king"—the last words that were spoken by Scar to Mufasa before he let his brother fall to his death—the original video showed the two embroiled in a fight before one slipped, leaving them hanging onto the edge of the roof of a one-story building.

Just like Mufasa clings on to the side of the cliff and pleads with Scar to help him up, the cat seems to desperately miaow as he holds on by his two front paws.

But in a Scar-like fashion, the Machiavellian cat on the rooftop appears to scratch the other cat's paws and swats him off the roof. Thankfully, rather than fall into a stampede—and to his death—the cat falls a short distance to the ground and very likely got away with just a few cuts and bruises.

One Twitter user, Juan Wilson, layered the audio from The Lion King (1994) on top of the original video of the cats, making it almost indistinguishable from the 2019 live-action movie.

However, while the cats are likely not involved in a Shakespearean plot full of betrayal and murder, their reasons for fighting may not be totally dissimilar to Scar's attempt at ascending to the throne.

I got you fam

— Juan Wilson (@xjuanwilson) September 7, 2020

While The Lion King sees Scar brutally murder his brother as he tries to take the kingdom for his own, it is likely that the cats in the video are fighting for their own kind of territory. Though in this instance, it may just be a rooftop instead of an animal kingdom.

It is common for cats to fight one another over territories, so it is likely that one cat had crossed into another's space. As Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine explains on its website, "Cats tend to establish and defend their territories. They may show aggression toward newly introduced cats, and occasionally other animals or people, that encroach upon their established domain."

Sadly, his kind of catfighting is entirely common, and while the fallen cat may have had his pride hurt, we're sure he landed on his feet.

A video of two cats fighting has gone viral as it is eerily similar to the heartbreaking Scar and Mufasa cliff scene in 'The Lion King.' Barbara Singer/Getty