Two Dogs 'Instantly Regret' Tubing in Water in Hilarious Viral Video

Ever made a snap decision and instantly regretted it? Of course you have, you're only human after all.

However, if you are currently reeling from one such poor choice, you may be comforted by this hilarious, and very relatable viral video of two dogs on a watersports inflatable tube.

In the clip, shared to TikTok by an account called StayingBlone, we can see two dogs—one blond, one black—standing on the towable circular float in the water, which is attached to a rope held by a man.

As the tube floats away the pair of pooches scramble about in confusion, barking and wagging their tails.

Text overlaying the funny clip reads: "They wanted on the tube, until they got on the tube."

StayingBlonde captioned the adorable footage, writing: "#castaways #dogsoftiktok."

Since the video was originally posted on May 31, 2021, the clip has garnered more than 459,000 views and 61,600 likes.

It was also recently reposted by Instagram account, Pubity Pets, on February 1, where it attracted a further 391,000 views and 22,100 likes

One TikTok user, Syd, wrote: "Black one said "don't panic" yellow said "help me pls!""

Another person, Chels.drew, added: "That golden retriever was like "y'all better pull me back in RIGHT NOW"."

Lucas typed: "Me when I make plans and then actually have to do them.

Alohaxeric agreed, joking: "Me when I commit to something and instantly regret it."

River stated: "Yo someone forgot to tell that golden he's a water dog [laughing-face emoji] [laughing-face emoji]."

Danalyst gushed: "Drag them behind a boat!!!"

Carley commented: "Leave it to the golden to almost topple the raft [laughing-face emoji]."

Recently, another dog went viral online, this time in a video of a little Dachshund's hilarious reaction to receiving a blow dry by his owner.

In clip, posted on TikTok by an account called _Pasta_G_Tattoo_, we can see an adorable golden-haired pooch, soaking wet and standing on a bath mat.

"When your dog is used to going to groomers and now you have to do it yourself [laughing face emoji]," explains the text overlaying the funny clip which shows the pet looking equal parts perplexed and nervous.

Additionally, a clip featuring two dogs gained lots of traction on the social media app.

The tear-jerking footage shows a sick Labrador, who was suffering from cancer at the time, being pulled along in a wheeled dog bed because she was unable to walk.

The sweet video was shared to TikTok by an account called MyLabrachildren.

In it we can see two other similar-looking dogs flanking the bed with their leashes attached, as if they are taking their invalid friend for a walk.

Two dogs in water
A stock image of two dogs running out of ocean. On TikTok a video went viral showing a pair of pooches attempt at watersports. iStock