Is 'Truth or Dare' Scary? What Tyler Posey Said About New Horror Film

Actor Tyler Posey said his new film Truth or Dare, out Friday, exceeded his expectations, even if critics aren't 100 percent on board with the campy flick.

"I knew the movie was going to be fun and intense, and such a thrill ride the whole time," Posey, 26, exclusively told Newsweek. "I freaked out the whole time...I fell in love with it."

Posey is no stranger to the horror thriller genre. He rose to fame in 2011 with MTV's Teen Wolf, and is slated to appear in Season 3 of Scream. In Truth or Dare, Posey plays Lucas, a college student who's tormented by someone—or something—after he and his friends come back from from a spring break trip in Mexico. He shares the screen with Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale, who portrays the film's protagonist, Olivia. Posey's real-life girlfriend, Sophia Ali, stars in the flick as Penelope.

Things take a deadly turn on the group's final night in Mexico. After participating in a seemingly harmless game of truth or dare, they realize the game is playing them. Those who refused to play along suffered the consequences. "Tell the truth or you die. Do the dare or you die," Olivia says in the film.

Posey told Newsweek "there's a lot of reasons" moviegoers should give Truth or Dare a shot, including the fun acting and scenarios depicted throughout the movie.

"We did a really good job at making these crazy unbelievable scenarios believable...The directing is really great,'re on the edge of your seat," Posey said. "Horror fans are going to love it, suspense thriller fans are going to love it [and] there's really good comedy that calls on how ridiculous the scenario is."

One of the more memorable aspects of the film is the way the demons possess humans, shown through a grimacing smile that dominates the affected person's face (as seen in the film's promotional trailer). But this look wasn't necessarily easy for the cast to nail while filming.

"It was a little tricky because we didn't know what the final result would look like," Posey said. "There was a test photo that we saw. The look was very specific from our director, Jeff [Wadlow]. He would give us direction on how to do the look. And we're like, 'You sure this is right? This feels weird."

"He would take a picture, do a little bit of editing. So it kind of looked like the final product. But then we got the idea of what he wanted...I kind of had a little bit of experience doing that sort of menacing, supernatural look on Teen Wolf," he added.

The demonic smile, creepy as it might be, works because "it's subtle enough to almost look real, but it's not [too] exaggerated for it to look crazy," Posey argued.

The movie isn't afraid to torment its audience, either. Truth or Dare is rich in jump scare tactics and shock value, but Posey wasn't scared while filming. "I really try to put myself in my character's shoes. Sometimes you can kind of get lost in the character and the moment—you really start to believe it," Posey said. "It's kind of hard also because you have a crew of people around you. There's cameras, lights [and] distractions...It's hard to drown everything out and really believe you're in the character's situation."

The horror film is distributed by Universal Pictures and produced by Blumhouse Productions, the masterminds behind Happy Death Day, the Insidious franchise and Get Out, which won an Academy Award in March for Best Original Screenplay.

Actor Tyler Posey is pictured as Lucas in a still from "Truth or Dare." The horror thriller from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions is out Friday, April 13, 2018. Peter Iovino/Universal Pictures