Tyler Winklevoss: Zuckerberg's Nemesis

Tyler Winklevoss at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City in November 2010. Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

It's ironic I reached you via Facebook.

We compartmentalize. That's why we're able to pursue this litigation for six years and not let it slow us down. If you had a lawsuit against windshield wipers, you wouldn't not use windshield wipers.

What was it like seeing yourself depicted in a movie?

Overall we were pleased with our portrayal. We were guys with a strong moral code and ethics, trying to do the right thing in the system, and were taken advantage of by a fellow classmate.

Does Armie Hammer look like you?

Asking a twin that question is funny because we're used to seeing the smallest differences between each other. So you can probably answer that question better than I can.

What did the film get wrong?

We definitely joked about the earwarmers.

Did a lot of girls contact you and your brother after the movie?

[Laughs] Um … uh. We've been, uh, we've been pretty busy. Uh …I'd prefer not to comment on that. No …I don't know. Yeah, I'd prefer not to go there. Is this for NEWSWEEK?