Typhoon Kong Rey Path, Tracker: Storm Moving Toward Okinawa, Japan, South Korea

Typhoon Kong Rey brought severe weather to Okinawa, Japan, on Thursday, lashing parts of the region with strong winds and rain as it tracked on a path north-northwest. The storm was expected to pass over the main island of Okinawa before continuing onward.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center's tracker showed Kong Rey tracking on a path north, heading toward Seoul, South Korea, and then moving northwest, above Kyoto, Japan, and Tokyo.

The storm was expected to bring especially severe weather to South Korea, with winds equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane, according to AccuWeather. The storm will likely bring its worst impact to the region Friday into Saturday. The forecasted track showed Kong Rey moving toward southern South Korea, including the island of Jeju. Rainfall measuring up to 12 inches could occur across South Korea, AccuWeather reported.

Kong Rey was expected to bring winds of up to 78 miles per hour in South Korea in places like Jeju, Yoesu, Busan, Ulsan and Pohang, with slightly less severe winds farther inland. Severe winds will likely pose a threat in Japan, particularly in coastal areas.

At least six people were already hurt by severe weather brought by Kong Rey, broadcaster NHK reported, while thousands of homes were without power.

Should Kong Rey make landfall in Japan, it will mark the eighth typhoon this season, AccuWeather reported. Less than a week ago, Typhoon Trami swept through Okinawa, injuring at least 18 people. Some 600 people were evacuated, while an estimated 120,000 homes were left without power. Earlier in September, Typhoon Jebi also hit Japan, the strongest such storm to hit the country in 25 years. At least 10 people were killed.

Typhoon Kong Rey Path, Tracker
Typhoon Kong Rey was tracking on a path toward Japan and South Korea. Joint Typhoon Warning Center