See Typhoon Soudelor's Devastation and Aftermath

Residents look for their belongings among the debris of collapsed houses destroyed by floods caused by Typhoon Soudelor in Anhui province, China, on August 10. Stringer/Reuters

Typhoon Soudelor is the most intense tropical cyclone to develop in the Northern Hemisphere so far this year, causing the deaths of at least 38 people.

The storm had the most impact in the Northern Mariana Islands, Taiwan and China. It made landfall on Saipan, the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands, on August 2, and eventually moved inland over eastern China and degraded to a tropical depression by August 9.

Torrential rains and strong, destructive winds damaged hundreds of homes. Crews are still working to restore power, which could take as long as a month to return to normal.

Local community groups and federal agencies responded, as authorities issued flood and mudslide alerts and TV footage showed people trapped by fast-moving mud.

People hold umbrellas in heavy rain as Typhoon Soudelor approaches China on August 7. Stringer/Reuters
People walk against strong winds as Typhoon Soudelor approaches Taiwan in Taipei on August 7. Edward Lau/Reuters
A man looks at a car damaged by fallen roof near a bent traffic light caused by strong winds on August 8. Pichi Chuang/Reuters
People look at waves as the typhoon approaches Zhejiang province in China on August 8. Stringer/Reuters
Satellite images were taken of Typhoon Souledor. Google and DigitalGlobe
The images were collected from earlier this month in Yilan County in northern Taiwan. Google and DigitalGlobe
Rescue workers walk on a flooded street at a town in Fujian province, China, on August 9. Stringer/Reuters
People walk past as flood water rushes down a stairway after heavy rainfall in China on August 10. Stringer/Reuters
An aerial view shows People's Liberation Army soldiers and local residents placing sand bags to block floodwater after a dam breached under the influence of the typhoon in China. China Daily/Reuters
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