Uber Eats Driver Stops Basketball Game to Deliver McDonald's in Viral Video

A video clip of a college basketball game between Duquesne Dukes and Loyola Ramblers has gone viral after it was stopped for an Uber Eats delivery.

The officials had to call a timeout after the delivery driver wandered onto the court with a McDonald's in hand for a hungry spectator.

The action was taking place in the corner of the court when the players were joined by the delivery driver, wearing a yellow jacket and emblazoned with Uber Eats.

The commentators were dumbfounded as the official tried to wave the driver off the court, without much success, as he looked for the person who had ordered the takeout.

Play was stopped as confusion reigned and now the incident has racked up nearly two million views on social media as basketball fans enjoyed the hilarity of the situation.

The commentators for ESPN, who were covering the game, excitedly exclaimed "there he is!" as the footage was replayed.

They asked on commentary: "Who is he delivering it too? The ref?"

The official is then seen waving the delivery driver off the court as the commentators say: "The ref says 'later', 'give it to me later'."

While there were some theories as to what was going on with the delivery, Austin Hansen, who is assistant athletics director, content development and broadcast operations for the Loyola Ramblers, has taken to Twitter with a series of videos and photos of the incident from court side, as the driver arrived right by where he was sat.

He believes that it was a prank for YouTube or TikTok and the main giveaway was that the driver was wearing a mic and his actions seemed to intimate he was being filmed "officially" by someone.

He explained his theory on Twitter alongside the photos, writing: "Everyone keeps asking me what happened with the door dash guy on the court at tonight's game. Here was my angle."

Hansen then tweeted: "This kid was clearly doing a prank for Youtube/TikTok. You can see that he is wearing a microphone, and tons of students were filming him with their phones.

He then added: "I will personally tackle anyone else who does this. Just let the athletes play the game without worry that they are going to get hurt by a stray delivery person."

Duquesne Dukes
Lamar Norman Jr. #22 of the Duquesne Dukes is seen during the game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Purcell Pavilion on November 20, 2018 Getty Images

The driver provoked plenty of reaction on social media, with many praising his dedication to the delivery, while others asked where the security was at the arena.

One person quipped on Twitter: "Rain, snow or a basketball game they are going to deliver! Ultimate dedication & commitment! A true hero!"

Another added that this was delivery professionalism: "Great service knows no boundaries."

A third was wondering if this was part of his search for the address, tweeting: "Dude has been looking for that apartment complex for an hour now."

While another summarized that there was only one reason why a delivery had been ordered, tweeting: "When the stadium food was too expensive!"

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