Former Navy Pilot Describes Weird 'Black Cube' That Flew Past Flight Team

Former U.S. Navy pilot Ryan Graves gave a detailed description of regular encounters that flight teams had with a black box UFO they were seeing "every day."

Appearing on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Graves spoke about what a pilot who saw the unidentified object saw. As the podcast began, he highlighted his credentials and history with the Navy, saying he studied mechanical and aerospace engineering. After graduating from college, he went on to fly F-18 jets for the Navy.

He said that multiple pilots repeatedly witnessed a strange UFO phenomenon on their equipment, as well as with their own eyes, starting in late 2013. He said the pilots were seeing these objects by eye and also on their radar after receiving upgrades to their aircraft. The objects were always up there, every day, as they conducted training exercises.

In June, NASA announced that it was commissioning a study team to examine what it called "observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena" from a scientific perspective, starting in the fall. A report is expected by the spring of 2023.

A stock image shows an artist's illustration of a UFO. On Joe Rogan's podcast, a former Navy pilot described encounters that flight teams had with a black box UFO they were seeing "every day." Getty

On his podcast, Rogan asked Graves: "You guys go from not having any idea that these things are out there to an upgraded radar system, to seeing them every day? What is the thought, how are you feeling? Is there an evolution of the thought pattern, of how you are addressing these things?

"Initially you are thinking they are [radar] errors. When do you start getting a thought of 'What the f*** is this thing?'" Rogan said.

Graves replied that questions arose about what these UFOs were after a pilot first saw one of them.

"There were two aircrafts from my squadron, and they took off in a flight of two," he said. "They are essentially flying in a formation like [one diagonally in front of the other]. As they hit the area, one of these objects went right between their aircraft.

Graves continued: "The lead pilot saw the object. The [second pilot] did not, which is not surprising because you are usually very focused on flying formation. The lead really has leeway to look around. He saw it and he immediately came back."

Detailing what the pilot saw, Graves said: "He came back and said, 'Hey, I almost hit one of those damn things.' We all knew what he was referring to even though we didn't necessarily have a name for it, just because we were seeing them so much.

"He described it. He said it was a black or dark gray cube and that cube was inside of a clear translucent sphere. Essentially, the corners or the apex of that cube, as best as he could tell, were touching the inside of that sphere."

Graves admitted that the mystery surrounding the UFOs did not mean that aliens, or something supernatural, were involved.

"The high-probability answer was this was some type of classified program, of our own making, that had started operating in an area they were not supposed to, for whatever reason," Graves said.

He continued: "That was kind of our assumption. We submitted a safety report because of that near midair [collision], a haz rep, a hazard report. This is essentially a notice that goes out to the whole fleet that says this is a potential hazard that can cause a loss of an aircraft.

"It was due to us almost hitting an unknown object of unknown origin, and that is how it continued for a while. There were a number of haz reports about that," Graves said.

Newsweek has contacted the U.S. Navy for comment.