TV Host Repeatedly Yells at Ukraine Guest in Chaotic Interview

An interview descended into a shouting match between the host and his guests as they discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Times Now's show Indian Upfront the host, Rahul Shivshankar, spoke to Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute and Bohdan Nahaylo, the Chief Editor of Kyiv Post.

Host Shivshankar and Nahaylo got into a shouting match as they discussed the international response to Russia's invasion.

However, Shivshankar repeatedly referred to Nahaylo as "Mr. McAdams," to the eventual consternation of the real McAdams. Nahaylo had been captioned on-screen as the head of the Ron Paul Institute and McAdams as the chief editor of Kyiv Post.

Video footage of the clash began circulating on social media on Thursday and has been viewed over 3 million times.

The clip begins with the host asking Nahaylo to "take a chill pill" as they discussed the invasion. Nahaylo quickly snapped back and said he did not want to relax as his country is currently at war.

The pair then began shouting over one another. Nahaylo can be heard raising the point of the neutrality of international countries, to the frustration of the host.

Shivshankar shouted back that he and India did not want to be lectured to. He added that he should speak to President Joe Biden if they have any problems.

"Mr. McAdams, no hang on, if you are so concerned about Ukrainians get off the fence and put boots on the ground," the host said.

"Don't lecture us here in India OK? I am not going to hear your lecture.

He added: "If you have problems, go tell the U.S. President, Mr. Biden."

The pair continued to shout over one another, refusing to let the other speak.

The host then accused Nahaylo's "people" of having a "colonial agenda" and claimed they have "wrecked the south and the east," clearly thinking he was arguing with McAdams. Shivshankar then cut the mic off for Nahaylo.

Growing visibly frustrated with the host mistaking him for Nahaylo, McAdams insisted he was not talking and had not had a chance to speak during the entire interview.

"I'm not talking! It's the other guy who has been talking, I haven't been able to say a word," McAdams said.

Still unaware he has got the guests' mixed up, the host insisted that "[McAdams] has gone completely ballistic."

McAdams again attempted to explain that the host had been using his name instead of Nahaylo's.

"Dear host, I have not said a word yet, I do not know why you are yelling at me," McAdams said.

The host answered: "I am not yelling at you, I am yelling at Mr. McAdams."

"I am Mr. McAdams, I am Mr. McAdams and I haven't said a word so stop yelling at me!"

The host then apologized and admitted that he had got the pair confused. The incident proved hilarious for viewers as many took to social media to make jokes at the expense of Shivshankar. The hashtag #IamMrMcAdams has also been tweeted over 600 times since the video began circulating online.

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Screengrabs from Times Now's show, "India Upfront." An interview descended into a shouting match between the host Rahul Shivshankar, left, and his guests Daniel McAdams, bottom right, and Bohdan Nahaylo, top right, as they discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Times Now