Ukraine War Foreign Volunteer Viral Videos Show Horror of Russia Invasion

A foreign volunteer in Ukraine has shared the harrowing impact the Russian invasion is having on the country in several viral TikTok videos.

The footage shared by Shane Matthew, which he claimed isn't his real name, has been viewed more than a million times since he arrived in Ukraine to take part in the country's defense against the ongoing Russian invasion.

The retired British soldier, who said he has 15 years of experience, has shared multiple videos on the social media platform TikTok since he arrived in Kyiv, many of which have revealed his experiences of the war so far.

Explaining his reasons for going to Ukraine, Matthew told The Portsmouth News: "As far as I'm concerned, if you can fight it's your duty to fight.

'Modern-Day Hitler'

"You're looking at modern-day Hitler steam-rolling across Ukraine."

In his most-viewed video so far, Matthew said he had been drinking tea with his fellow volunteers in a house when a barrage of bombs was unleashed just yards from where they were sitting.

A follow-up clip, uploaded on Sunday, revealed that the house where he had been earlier had its windows destroyed, with glass strewn across the wooden porch.

Another video, which can be seen here, showed Matthew in a neighborhood and fleeing into a garage from an apparent artillery strike.

The second part of the artillery strike video revealed the bombing continued for at least two rounds.

Matthew could be heard telling others nearby to "move back" and go further into the garage and suspected the strike was targeting near a bridge.

In other videos, Matthew was seen providing medical training to what he said was a Ukrainian special forces team.

But the veteran explained in one of his videos that he had been accused of being a so-called "crisis actor" and was not, in fact, in Ukraine.

In a clip shared from central Kyiv on Sunday, Matthew said: "Just all the haters saying I'm a crisis actor and God knows what else. And the racist comments, guys you've got to stop. This is not about racism, it's not about politics. This is not about anything. It's about humans killing humans. End of."

Newsweek has contacted Shane Matthew for comment.

According to the British Government's foreign travel advice, its citizens could face legal action if they go to fight in Ukraine.

It warned: "If you travel to Ukraine to fight, or to assist others engaged in the conflict, your activities may amount to offenses against U.K. legislation and you could be prosecuted on your return to the U.K."

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told state-owned news agency Tass that foreign fighters, who he dubbed "mercenaries," would not be treated as prisoners of war if captured.

He said: "I wish to make an official statement that none of the mercenaries the West is sending to Ukraine to fight for the nationalist regime in Kiev [Kyiv] can be considered as combatants in accordance with international humanitarian law or enjoy the status of prisoners of war."

Ukrainian soldier in front of damaged car
A Ukrainian soldier who gave the name Artur stands beside the burnt out Russian Tigr fighting vehicle that his unit say he first attacked, causing four Russians soldiers to be captured days earlier, at a frontline position east of the strategic port city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, on March 10, 2022. The British soldier shared videos from Ukraine. Getty