Ukrainian Counteroffensive Results in Big Losses for Ukrainian Army: Russia

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Local residents stand next a crater following a missile strike in center of Kharkiv on September 2, 2022. (Photo by SERGEY BOBOK/AFP via Getty Images)

Ukrainian counteroffensive results in colossal losses for Ukrainian army

We have talked multiple times about how the Kyiv regime sends its people to death. But (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky has perhaps never doomed his soldiers to such a hell as this time. The so-called counteroffensive has resulted in colossal losses. Thousands of people are dead and wounded. The hospitals and morgues are crowded.

Igor Konashenkov, representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, said: "During two days of unsuccessful attacks on the Nikolaevo-Krivoy Rog and other directions, Ukrainian troops lost...more than 1.7 thousand Ukrainian servicemen."

Alexander Artamanov, a military observer, said: "The results were quickly negative in terms of the goals [the Ukrainian army] set for itself....These people turned out to be sheep thrown to the slaughter Zelensky himself. It's his fault."

IAEA staff assesses damage at nuclear power plant

The most important event of the week is the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspection of the Zaporozhye NPP. No matter how Kyiv resisted, the agency's experts were able to get to Europe's largest nuclear facility and assess the damage from Ukrainian shelling. Their intensity went through the roof during the week.

In addition, neo-Nazis tried several times to land saboteurs near the station. All attacks were repulsed by Russian forces. According to the UN, Moscow has done everything necessary to ensure the safety of international experts.

Putin discusses nuclear power plant with Turkish President Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan noted Russia's constructive role in organizing the IAEA mission. In addition, as reported by the Kremlin, (Russian President) Vladimir Putin and Erdogan touched upon the development of bilateral cooperation, including strategic projects in the energy sector.

Another topic was the implementation of agreements on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports. This agreement was signed at the end of July in Istanbul. At the time, loud statements were made at the U.N. about the threat of a global food crisis, and the EU even released a report on the risk of catastrophic famine in North African countries due to the non-export of Ukrainian wheat through the Black Sea ports, which Kyiv itself mined.

Vessels from Ukraine went to the Black Sea, but with corn and sunflower oil, rather than wheat, and not to the starving countries of Africa, but mainly to Europe to be sold. The question arises, maybe Kyiv wants to return the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant under its control in order to make another business? After all, under our control, it is not easy to sell electricity.

Former French presidential candidate Royal criticizes Kyiv's propaganda

The fact that Kyiv, to put it mildly, is dishonest was suspected by the French politician, ex-candidate for the French presidency in the 2007 elections, Segolene Royal. During an interview with the BFM French TV channel, she questioned Kyiv's claims about the situation in Ukraine. Royal suggested that the information about the shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol and the provocation in Bucha were invented in order to interfere with the peace process. She said this is war propaganda by fear on the part of Zelensky.

(The segment then quoted Royal as supposedly saying:) "We need to ban Kyiv's war propaganda by fear on our channels at the legislative level. It prevents us from making informed decisions. And Mr. Zelensky uses this to his advantage."

Allied forces advancing toward Seversk

The most difficult battles have been going on in Seversk all week, the intensity was colossal, tens of meters from the enemy. Our assault units are advancing step by step, competently and harmoniously. The worst fears of the militants are coming true. For them, moving away from Seversk means opening the road to Slavyansk and Kramtorsk, which the nationalists have been turning into powerful fortified areas for years.

Hopelessness, shock over economic situation spark protests in Europe

The West continues to arm Ukraine. This seems crazy even to those who live in the West. In the city of Kassel in Germany, there were mass clashes between the police and people who oppose the supply of German weapons to Ukraine, against the backdrop of an unprecedented rise in the cost of living and the threat of freezing in winter due the refusal to use Russian energy.

In Paris, there are also riots. The French demand the resignation of (President Emmanuel) Macron. There are about 100,000 protesters in Prague with similar slogans. People want the authorities to take into account their interests.

Who would have thought that in the 21st century, French TV would be seriously discussing whether it's worth washing every day? It turns out that 76 percent of the population do this, but it may be in vain. In Germany, discussions about hygiene go even further. Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann advises using a wet cloth instead of showering.

Iconic banking analyst takes apart global prosperity catastrophe model

(Credit Suisse Investment Strategist) Zoltan Pozsar explains why Western prosperity has been built on cheap Chinese goods, cheap Russian energy and cheap American money. The EU paid in euros for cheap Russian gas, the U.S. paid in dollars for cheap Chinese imports, and Russia and China dutifully converted their revenues into G7 debt. However, the thoughtless policy of the West led to this.

Pozsar said: "The special relationship between China and Russia—'Chussia'—is a powerful one: a marriage of commodities and industry, potentially in control of Eurasia. It is a little bit as if one disenfranchised spouse found another to form an economic union out of revenge....The other two spouses are getting together too to form a union, but this one is more like a marriage of reluctance."

And in this marriage, the European Union has the fate of a disenfranchised spouse. The Chinese newspaper Global Times writes that "from the energy crisis in Europe, which led to anti-Russian sanctions, the United States benefits the most—their companies have received new markets for the supply of liquefied gas."

Actually, the entire post-war strategy of America was based on the principle of divide and profit. To do this, they have always been willing to light the fuse at one point or another on the planet—Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Taiwan.

India is listed as a partner of the Americans. But this does not prevent Washington from expressing dissatisfaction with the fact that India continues to trade with Russia for its own benefit. So, India, along with China, is participating in the strategic command and staff exercises Vostok-2022.

Donbas School
Books scattered outside a school destroyed after a strike in Bakhmut, eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas, on June 8, 2022. (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Dozens of schools restored from ruins in Donbas in matter of weeks

In Donbas, first of all, there is a fight for the truth. In honor of those who are fighting for the Victory, three monuments were erected in the renovated Saur-Mogila memorial complex.

Everything is being done so that the people of Donbas return to a peaceful life as soon as possible, where they do not have to be afraid of shelling and can enjoy simple things, like the ability to sit down again at a desk in school.

On September 1, hundreds of thousands of children in the people's republics and in the liberated territories began to study. In a matter of weeks, our builders restored dozens of schools literally from ruins. There are new buildings and there is new knowledge that follow Russian standards.

EU suspends simplified procedure for issuing visas for Russians

Savagery and shame for an enlightened Europe, this is how our Foreign Ministry commented on the scandalous decision of the EU to completely suspend the visa facilitation agreement with our country.

In short, we are not talking about a complete ban. But now they will issue Schengen visas less often, it will take longer to review documents and it will all cost more.

One of the tour operators in southern Italy announced the loss of 90 percent in revenue due to the lack of Russian tourists. We are talking about millions of euros. And this is just one example.

Western experts are acknowledging the failure of the carrot-and-stick approach.

(The segment features a clip from an interview with a professor of international politics at the Bundeswehr University Munich on German news channel Welt, saying:) "Russian tourists have been coming here for many years for years. They have been coming and shopping for many years, they have been seeing how a pluralistic democracy functions and they return home to Russia and support the regime."

U.S. talking about signs of new civil war

Something is clearly not right with the unity and greatness of the United States. Democrat (Barrack) Obama, back in 2008, went to the polls with the slogan "change we can believe in" and, as the first black president, threatened to unite black and white America. "Let's make the country great again" is Republican (Donald) Trump's slogan. But thanks to the efforts of the same Democrats (including Obama), the States are split along racial lines. Here is the slogan of (President Joe) Biden: "Restore the soul of the nation." And it did not work out: the very soul of the nation has been torn in half. Trump supporters were labeled as extremists, domestic terrorists and semi-fascists.

Too much of what is happening in the country is abnormal, Biden himself said the other day. In this rare case, it is difficult to disagree with him.

(The segment quoted the headline of a Bloomberg article) "43% of Americans say a civil war is at least somewhat likely in the next ten years." (The segment also quoted from a Washington Post article, saying:) "Many voices, including Republican and Democratic politicians, academics who study civil unrest, and extremists on both ends of the spectrum, agree with the idea that civil war is either unavoidable or necessary."