Watch: The Ultimate Deletion Between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt was Completely Insane

It finally happened. After weeks and months of build-up, The Ultimate Deletion between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt went down on the March 19 episode of Monday Night RAW and it was simply... wonderful!

The Ultimate Deletion, which took place at The Hardy Compound, saw the WWE debut of Matt's family. His wife Reby, their children Wolfgang and King Maxel, and Señor Benjamin were all there. And we can't forget Vanguard 1 and Skaarsgaard the dilapidated boat also made contributions to the end of The Great War between Hardy and Wyatt.

Before we get into the craziness of The Ultimate Deletion, watch it for the first time or rewatch it below.

Wyatt arrived in the Hardy Compound met by Vanguard 1, who scanned and let him inside. Matt Hardy was already in the ring (along with a ref) while Reby played on her piano to mark the beginning of The Ultimate Deletion.

Hardy and Wyatt fought for awhile before Bray got the upper hand, but Matt has the homefield advantage and used Vangaurd's "Boomstick" protocol to set off some fireworks and disorient him.

The two fight until they reach the Dilapidated City, where Matt brings attention to the woodshed behind him. Bray takes a look at it and gets flashbacks to his own compound where Sister Abigail was burned and buried. He begins to remember when it was burned down by Randy Orton last year and this gives Matt the upper hand.

The fight shifts to The Land of Obsolete Men where Bray chased after Hardy into what looks like a gravesite. Hardy and Bray would go through a Scoody Doo-esque chase scene where Matt appears and disappears before the two Superstars leave to the next area of the Hardy Compound.

Next, they both go into the Dome of Deletion, a giant warehouse with another ring inside. Hardy and Wyatt fight for a bit and Matt falls Bray, allowing for a great bit where he has to choose between the Mower of Lawns and the Chair of Wheels to finish him off. Hardy chooses the Mower of Lawns and tries to take Wyatt out, but Bray gets up and takes him out. Wyatt then drags Hardy out of the Dome of Deletion.

Shall WOKEN @MATTHARDYBRAND pick the #ChairOfWheels or #MowerOfLawns to DELETE @WWEBrayWyatt?


— WWE (@WWE) March 20, 2018

Our final destination is the Lake of Reincarnation. Wyatt tries to connect with Sister Abigail but Vanguard 1 interrupts him. Wyatt catches the drone and says he'll deal with it later and throws it away. However, this buys Hardy time to hide and Wyatt overturns Skaarsgard, thinking he's under there. Unfortunately for Wyatt, Señor Benjamin is under the boat and throws a foam sphere that looks like Earth. Benjamin begins to sing "he's got the whole world in his hands" as Wyatt looks down at the sphere. This is when Jeff Hardy appears to sing the song with Benjamin.

jeff hardy ultimate deletion
Jeff Hardy made a cameo in The Ultimate Deletion. WWE

Wyatt throws the Earth away and Matt turns him around to give the Twist of Fate and pin Wyatt for the victory. He then pushes Wyatt into the Lake of Reincarnation but when Hardy wants Señor Benjamin to fetch the body, he can't. Hardy says it doesn't matter because Wyatt has been deleted and the The Ultimate Deletion ends.

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