'The Umbrella Academy': All The Theories About the Season 2 Ben Twist

In The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, Ben (played by Justin H. Min) is the only one of the Hargreeves siblings who is dead, and so far has only appeared as a ghost who can communicate with Klaus (Robert Sheehan). The Season 2 finale, however, (SPOILERS AHEAD) saw the siblings return to a very different 2019 in which Ben is still alive and is the leader of The Sparrow Academy, a group of young superheroes that has taken the place of The Umbrella Academy somehow.

With no explanations offered as to how Ben is still alive and what he was doing in this new Sparrow Academy, viewers have taken to Reddit to offer some convincing theories that are sure to play out if the show gets a Season 3 on Netflix.

Of these Reddit fan theories, the most likely relates to the team meeting their father Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Fiore) in the 1960s. It argues that because he was disappointed by the team, this led to him choosing different children of the 43 superhero children born in October 1989.

One user wrote: "I'm thinking that the Umbrella Academy meeting Hargreeves in the past causes a ripple effect that influences which children he decides to adopt in the future. I think because he never actually met Ben, his decision on him wasn't affected."

Though this explains why Ben is a member of The Sparrow Academy, it does not explain why he seems to be younger than he should be in the 2019 timeline.

the umbrella academy ben
'The Umbrella Academy' viewers have a lot of theories about Ben Netflix

One Reddit user said of this: "The problem is not just Ben being alive. It is him being still a child in 2019. That means the event that created the Umbrella Academy happened at another year altogether. Which implies that it is an artificial event most likely."

Another user speculated that the discovery of Harlan's (Justin Paul Kelly) power may have affected the timeline somehow, which might have led Ben to be born at a different time. They wrote, "I think it's a dark timeline...I think the little boy did something cause he had a sparrow bird toy and they call it the sparrow academy now."

Though lots of things seem to be different with Ben and the rest of the people in this new 2019, another user thinks that the accident that originally killed Ben still happened, but that he survived it this time. They wrote: "I think the event that would have killed Ben in 2006 in the original timeline was still a close call, which is why the alternate Ben we see in the new 2019 has a scar across his face, but he survived due to his classmates greater professionalism."

In The Umbrella Academy Season 2 finale, it seemed that we saw ghost Ben finally ready to head toward the afterlife, but some users think that what we actually saw was him wiped out of this timeline and sent into this new Sparrow Academy timeline.

So far, the next season has not been announced yet, so it remains to be seen exactly what Season 3 has in store for Ben and the rest of The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.