'The Undoing' on HBO: Did Henry Really Kill Elena?

The Undoing has only one episode left, where we are sure to find out who killed Elena (played by Matilda De Angelis) with that sculpting hammer. Episode 5 of the HBO show ended with the revelation that that hammer was in the possession of Henry (Noah Jupe), the son of the man currently on trial for Elena's murder, Jonathan (Hugh Grant). Could this be a red herring, or is the show finally revealing to us exactly what happened that night?

In our guide to all the suspects in Elena's murder, we included Henry not because there was any particular motive or hints that he had done it, but because he was exactly the sort of character that shows like this love to reveal as the twist culprit in the last act. In a way, he is this show's Maggie Simpson, who as '90s kids will remember was revealed to have been the one who shot Mr Burns in The Simpsons.

Like Maggie, Henry has basically been hiding in plain sight throughout The Undoing – he has featured in every episode and has reasons to want to see Elena dead, but we are not led to suspect him because he is a child and his parents are up to far shadier stuff.

Now that the series has pulled off the reveal of the hammer in his violin case, some earlier clues and editing tricks may be illuminating.

noah jupe the undoing
Noah Jupe as Henry in 'The Undoing'. HBO

For example, there is the moment in Episode 4 where he apologised to Elena's son Miguel (Edan Alexander). Ostensibly, this was because he had accidentally shoved him, but could this have been a way of him psychologically offsetting some of the guilt he felt over what he had done? Then in Episode 5, which began by replaying Jonathan's admission to Connie Chung that he knew who killed Elena, the first person the show cut to after he said that was Henry. This is exactly the kind of trick shows love to play for re-watchers to pick up on the second time around.

Though Henry does not have as much of a motive as his parents, it is possible to see how he could have done it. His desperation in Episode 5 for his parents to get back together, for example, could have been put in there to show that he will do anything to get them reunite—including kill the woman his father is having an affair with. That's a pretty extreme reaction to be sure, but as the end of the episode shows, sociopathy might run a little in the family.

Even The Undoing Episode 6 synopsis could hint that Henry did it and that Grace is covering it up when it says, "in the series finale, Haley walks an ethical tightrope in her defense strategy, and as the courtroom theater mounts, Grace takes measures to protect herself and her family."

Of course, it is possible (even likely) that this reveal is one final red herring, and the killer is still to be revealed. In the book The Undoing is based on, Jonathan is the killer the whole time, and things are much more about Henry's mom Grace's (Nicole Kidman) life unravelling. If the series takes a leaf from the book, Henry's actions could be explained as him hiding the hammer so the police cannot prove his father did it. However, that raises the question of exactly where he found the murder weapon.

However, this could still mean that when all is said and done, the real twist of The Undoing is that there is no twist, and Jonathan really did kill her all along.

The Undoing concludes on Sunday, November 29 at 9 p.m. on HBO.