United Airlines Flight Diverted After Passenger Gets Stuck in Toilet: 'You Can't Make This Up'

United Airlines has issued an apology to passengers on board a flight which had to be diverted when a female passenger got stuck in the bathroom.

The flight on Wednesday night was heading from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco when the toilet door became inoperable while the woman was inside it.

The pilots diverted the plane to Denver International Airport and after it landed, fire department staff boarded the plane to free the woman, who joked about her ordeal, according to ABC Action News.

The unnamed woman, who had been trapped in the bathroom for about an hour, was unharmed but embarrassed.

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United Airlines
A United Airlines aircraft passes by a Continental Airlines aircraft as it taxis to takeoff from the runway of Ronald Reagan National Airport August 16, 2006 in Washington, DC. Alex Wong/Getty Images

One passenger posted video of the incident on Twitter, writing: "Well folks it's never a dull moment on @united , we have to make an 'emergency landing' in Denver because a passenger got stuck in the bathroom.

"You can't make this up...also the Wi-Fi is crappy and there is no way for me to charge my phone, happy travels."

Another passenger, Jennifer Gettman, told local news network KPIX: "The pilot announced, 'In case you haven't heard the rumor, we are going to be landing in Denver because someone locked themselves in the bathroom and, of course, we are not going to make her stay in the bathroom until San Francisco.'"

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"Fire, police, someone had a big pickaxe thing and they managed to get the door open after about 10 minutes.

"Everyone clapped, the woman came out, they all felt very bad for her. She seemed fine. I mean, I don't know how she was with landing in the bathroom. But she was fine."

All the passengers disembarked and then boarded a new aircraft to continue on their journey to San Francisco.

In a statement, United Airlines said: "Flight 1554 from Washington D.C. to San Francisco diverted to Denver to assist a customer who was in the lavatory when the lavatory door became inoperative.

"The passenger was safely removed from the lavatory after landing, and customers have since continued on to their destination on a new aircraft.

"We are reaching out to all customers onboard and the customer in the lavatory to apologize."

Earlier this week, an American Airlines flight had to divert to Denver as well after a male passenger caused trouble by punching the seats in front of him and shouting at passengers.

He lit up a cigarette and shouted "you're all screwed" to other passengers when he was in the toilet on board the flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fox News reported.

United Airlines Flight Diverted After Passenger Gets Stuck in Toilet: 'You Can't Make This Up' | U.S.