'Unsolved Mysteries': Netflix Releases Full Version of Rey Rivera Note

Unsolved Mysteries viewers have been poring over the note left by Rey Rivera before his body was discovered in a Baltimore hotel. As seen in Episode 1 of the Netflix show, the note is full of references to Free Masons, Stanley Kubrick, and sort of "game"—in other words, exactly the kind of things that conspiracy theorists love.

Now, Netflix has made those theorists' jobs a lot easier by releasing a full image of Rivera's note. Last week, the streamer posted a link on the Unsolved Mysteries Reddit to a Google Drive full of images of evidence and bonus clips from the first six episodes of the rebooted true crime show.

In this Google Drive, viewers can access the image of Rivera's note in the Episode 1 folder. This folder also includes images of Rivera's car, his money clip, and the hole in the roof at the Belvedere Hotel that he is believed to have made. There is also a close-up image of the list of names for the note, though all the surnames have been redacted to protect the privacy of Rivera's friends and family.

Though this is the first time Netflix has released an image of the full note, it is not the hi-definition scan that many Unsolved Mysteries solvers were hoping to get. Though more of the note can be read than could be in the episode itself, some passages are still hard to make out.

However, it seems unlikely that Netflix will release a better quality image of the note. When the letter appeared in the episode, a number of passages were blurred out, suggesting that there might be some information that they did not want to share for whatever reason.

Though no one has been able to read the note well enough to offer a full transcription, this has not stopped armchair sleuths from trying to find meaning in what they could read. One user, for example, has posited that what the words say is not important. Instead, they note that the shape of the paragraphs could be spelling out the word 'HELP.'

unsolved mysteries reddit
A Reddit user pointed out that the Rey Rivera note might spell out the words "HELP" Reddit

Another thread that fans have been following is that the note is written in code. For example, some users have converted the text into a number using the Jewish Gematria system whereby each letter is given a number. The opening line 'brothers and sisters,' for example, has a score of 1398, the same as phrases like, "follow the white rabbit," "the Lord Jesus Christ" or "possessed by the Devil."

Other fans, meanwhile, have speculated that the key to understanding the note is in the references it makes to films, books, and albums, while others have speculated a far less sinister interpretation—that the letter is a set of notes for a screenplay or a sign of some sort of psychotic breakdown on the part of Rivera.

Unsolved Mysteries is streaming now on Netflix.