'Unsolved Mysteries': 5 Major Fan Theories That Might Have Cracked the Case

Unsolved Mysteries has been on Netflix for around a week now, meaning that its viewers have had a chance to read up on the details behind the show's six cases—and now they have started to share their theories of what really happened to the subjects of the episodes. Of the six cases shown in the show, the death of Rey Rivera has led to the most Reddit posts, probably due to the strange note he left, but all of the mysteries have their own fan theories.

5 major Unsolved Mysteries fan theories

1. A Belvedere employee speaks out

Episode 1 of Unsolved Mysteries, titled "Mystery on the Rooftop," says that the fact that no one saw Rivera come through the Belvedere Hotel suggests he must have fallen or jumped from the roof.

However, a user of the Unsolved Mysteries Reddit claiming to be a former employee of the hotel suggests a route that Rivera (or his potential killer) could have made through the hotel that avoided detection.

They write: "I worked at the Belvedere during all of this. I walked by the pool room (old church) numerous times while he laid in there. One thing the series left out was the long hallway that you would walk down to get to the pool room. If you came off the elevator on the second floor and made a right you would go through a door. About a quarter of the way down, on the left, was the room where Rey was found. At the end of the hallway was one (of several) building entrances to the parking garage connected to the Belvedere (not the garage shown on the show). Anyone could have entered the hallway leading to the pool room from the garage. I honestly don't remember there being a camera(s) in that hallway."

They also added another strange element to an already dense mystery: "Another thought: A friend who lived in the Belvedere the time said the condo association was supposed to hold a meeting with residents about what happened. They claimed that the meeting was abruptly canceled and never rescheduled (even though the promise was made it would be)."

2. The canceled appointment

Episode 2, or "13 Minutes," focuses on the time when we know Patrice Endres was in her salon to the time she disappeared. During these dozen-or-so minutes, Endres was meant to have a client but they canceled.

One Reddit user thinks this is not a coincidence. They wrote: "Does anyone know if that canceled appointment was ever verified as a real person who had a legitimate reason for canceling? It seems so bizarre and too perfect that something happened to her exactly during a time that she would normally have an appointment and someone else in the salon with her. Perhaps the appointment was artificially made and then deliberately canceled to ensure she'd be alone?"

unsolved mysteries patrice endres
'Unsolved Mysteries' Episode 2 focuses on the case of Patrice Endres Georgia Bureau of Investigation

3. Focus on the friends

Episode 4, "No Ride Home," tells the story of Alonzo Brooks, who disappeared after a party in what may have been a hate crime. One writer, however, thinks that one or more of his friends may have been involved in his death.

They wrote: "There are a ton of things that don't add up. This smells like a setup murder."

They conclude: "The police need to look at the sketchy white friends and start pressing them for answers since they have some pretty good holes in their story."

4. Bullet bouncing

"House of Terror," which is Episode 3 of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, details the horrifying discovery of an entire family underneath the terrace. One of the details discovered in the autopsy of the Dupont de Ligonnès was that each body had an exit wound, but the bullet was still lodged in each body.

One writer says of this: "The family blog claims the autopsy report shows the bullets created an exit wound but were still in the bodies, suggesting the bullets ricocheted off something hard."

What that hard surface was has been the subject of some speculation. One writer posited that the murderer: "Could have also shot them outside against one of the several pieces of plywood that were used to cover the pit."

Another, however, thinks the shooting was done inside the house, which might prove that father Xavier was the murderer. They wrote: "Theoretically could a bathtub withstand that without a scratch? Bullet through a body into a bathtub, then he can control the flow of blood, keeping the mess contained while he bags them up."

The summer of ’69 changed the way society viewed the world. In a small Massachusetts town residents were forced to question, “Are we truly alone in the universe?” Watch "Berkshires UFO" on Netflix. #unsolvedmysteries #aliens pic.twitter.com/HLiYu9YJDJ

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5. Drawing raises doubts

Though some true crime fans have complained about Episode 5, "Berkshire's UFO," supernatural cases have always been part of the world of Unsolved Mysteries. Though many believed the many testimonies given by the resident of the town about their alien encounter, one element did not ring true for one Reddit user.

They wrote: "The guy with the long hair killed me—I thought his painting would be some kind of abstract masterpiece, and it ended up looking like every UFO picture I've ever seen."

Asked why this made his story less credible, another user noted: "Because it looked like a 1950s rendering of a flying saucer. Something you would see on the cover of a Sci-Fi magazine at the time, not something unique or real."

Unsolved Mysteries is streaming now on Netflix.