'Unsolved Mysteries': Show Boss Gives Update on the First Six Cases

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is streaming now on Netflix, but that does not mean that fans of the true-crime series have stopped trying to solve the first six cases that aired on the streamer in July. In fact, show creator Terry Dunn Meurer revealed to Newsweek that the show has had over 4,000 tips about the first set of mysteries.

With so much interest generated because of the show in cases like those of Rey Rivera, Alonzo Brooks and Xavier DuPont, Newsweek spoke to Meurer to get an update on the first set of cases and find out how the makers of the show dealt with all the tips from the first volume.

This is the second part of our interview series with Terry Dunn Meurer. In the first part, the Unsolved Mysteries boss revealed everything fans need to know about how the show is made and what they should expect from Season 2.

Newsweek: What has happened in the first six cases of Unsolved Mysteries since they aired on Netflix?

Terry Dunn Meurer: First of all, there's the Alonzo Brooks case [from Episode 4, "No Ride Home"]. The FBI exhumed Alonzo's body to do some additional forensic testing to see if they can find any more evidence. And I know they are interviewing people every single day. They are very active trying to solve that case. It takes a long time to put together a prosecutable case and they do not want to make an arrest and then find out that they do not have a solid case.

With Patrice Endres' case [Episode 2, "13 Minutes"], the law enforcement, we give them a tip. But they are not going to really let us know what is going on and we suspect that they need to do their job to put the case together. We will all know probably at the same time if any of them get solved.

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'Unsolved Mysteries' creator Terry Dunn Meurer said she was "disappointed" with the social media reaction against Rob Endres (pictured). Netflix

NW: What was your reaction to all the social media theories that Rob Endres had something to do with Patrice's disappearance?

TDM: We were surprised by that reaction and disappointed. Mainly because we really think of anybody that we put in Unsolved Mysteries as innocent until proven guilty. And Rob...we made a very fair presentation of Rob. Rob is a character, granted, but the police say his alibi was checked out and there is no way that he could have done it based on the time frame of when Patrice was abducted.

So, we felt like we made a very balanced presentation, and so we were disappointed that the audience took that and twisted it, and accused Rob of maybe having harmed Patrice. I believe that Rob really loved Patrice and that he is innocent until proven guilty.

NW: Have you spoken to Rob since the episode aired?

TDM: I have not personally, but I believe our story producer has been in contact with him.

NW: Has there been any development in the Rey Rivera case?

TDM: In Ray Rivera's case, there are journalists who are very active. They have a really strong theory that Ray did not come off that roof, that he wasn't pushed or jumped or anything, that he might have ended up in that lower level conference room by other means. They're working on that.

When these tips come in, they all will run through me, and I get so engaged in them. I got a tip in where somebody says, "Oh, yeah. I know that money clip. My uncle has that money clip." And I just got on the phone and called them and said, "Tell me about the money clip." So, I do jump in a little bit. And some of these cases are personal because I get so excited when these leads are coming in.

NW: A lot of social media interest was focused on the note Rey Rivera left. Did any leads come from that?

TDM: Well, we have all looked at that. It was interesting because I have looked at it, I know the director of the episode looked at it, Allison [Rey's partner], the FBI, everybody has looked at that note and no one has figured it out. Social media [picked up on the list of films] and I went down that road too. I saw all the movies that Ray had listed I went and watched all the movies. I was like, 'Okay, maybe there is a way you put these movies together and there is some kind of message here.' I do not know, though.

NW: Are we any closer to finding Xavier DuPont from Episode 3?

TDM: That case had the most tips come in from all over the world. Every continent, I think, except Antarctica. We got tips about sightings of him, but what was interesting is that there was a cluster of tips that came in from Chicago. And you always look for a cluster because it means more than one person is seeing this person, and these are all unrelated people.

We had clusters in countries like Italy, and Great Britain, and France, but they did not have anything as narrowed down as Chicago and we've learned that there's a large ex-pat French community in Chicago.

Somebody even sent us a photo of someone who looked very much like Xavier. I actually looked at this photo and I was doing my own little "what do I think comparison."

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is streaming now on Netflix.