Unvaccinated Mother and Daughter Die Days Apart After Contracting COVID

A Nothern Ireland mother and daughter, who were not vaccinated against COVID-19, died just days apart from each other in a hospital.

Sammie-Jo Forde, 32, died in Ulster Hospital on the outskirts of Belfast on Sunday after contracting the virus.

According to the BBC, Forde was being treated on the same ward just two beds apart from her mother Heather Maddern, who died from COVID-19 on August 31.

Kevin McAllister, Forde's father, said neither of them had been vaccinated against the virus and added that the deaths had "just shattered my world."

He told the BBC's Nolan Show: "I've lost my daughter, my best friend."

Forde, of Groomsport, was married and had four young children—the eldest of whom is 13, according to the BBC.

McAllister said his former partner Maddern and Forde worked as care workers for elderly people.

He told the BBC: "They were very, very close. They worked together, they lived together and they died together. I never, never thought in my life I would bury my daughter."

Forde had been texting McAllister from her hospital bed and had told him that Maddern had died. McAllister also said he believed Forde did not have any underlying conditions.

The distraught father said he did not know why Forde and his former partner did not get vaccinated against COVID-19.

He told the BBC: "They helped other people and they couldn't even help themselves. These people who are not taking the COVID-19 injection—they're not thinking of the other people that they leave behind."

A GoFundMe has been organized to raise money for Forde's husband John and their children. The appeal has raised more than £10,600 as of Thursday morning, far more than the £1,000 requested.

It read: "Anyone who was lucky enough to know Sammie knew how she felt about John (her caveman) and her kids. She was an amazing mother, a loving wife and she will never be forgotten.

"I can't even imagine what he or the kids are feeling at this time. To not only lose their granny/ mother-in-law but to lose their mother/ wife is just unimaginable."

The appeal continued: "If we could pull together and raise as much as we [can] to help John and the kids through this financially that will be one worry from their heads so they can focus on themselves and try to get through this."

Newsweek has contacted the organizers of the GoFundMe appeal for comment.

The mother and daughter died of COVID
The mother and daughter died of COVID after not being vaccinated. In this photo, A healthcare worker tends to a patient on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit of Baptist Health Floyd on September 7, 2021 in New Albany, Indiana. Jon Cherry / Stringer/Getty