Update: Chandra Levy

Starting Point
After Chandra Levy—a 24-year-old D.C. intern from California Rep. Gary Condit's district—goes missing in 2001, and later turns up murdered, suspicion falls on Condit.

Fever Pitch
Reports surface that Condit and Levy were having an affair, and the scandal becomes the biggest story of the pre-9/11 summer. News crews camp outside Condit's homes in D.C. and California. He is never named as a suspect; the case remains unsolved.

Present Day
Condit lives with his wife in Arizona, where he opened a pair of Baskin-Robbins ice-cream stores in 2005 after his re-election defeat. He allegedly stopped paying franchise fees last year following an ice-cream price hike, prompting Baskin-Robbins to shutter his stores and sue for $14,000. The case is still tied up in court. In September a judge ordered Condit to pay $42,680 in attorneys' fees in a frivolous libel lawsuit against a local newspaper. Condit did not return calls for comment, but his father says he's "doing real good. He's happy."