'Upload' Cast and Character Guide: Who Stars in the Amazon Prime Video Show?

Amazon Prime Video has now released Upload, an afterlife romcom from Greg Daniels, one of the makers of The Office and Parks and Recreation. Robbie Amell leads the cast as Nathan, a man who is allowed to choose his own afterlife after dying. Also starring in the Amazon Prime Video series are actors like Andy Allo, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Bigley, playing characters Nathan meets after his untimely death and people working in real life to keep the digital afterlife going.

Who stars in Upload on Amazon Prime Video?

Nathan Brown - Robbie Amell

upload cast amazon prime video
Robbie Amell and Kevin Bigley in 'Upload' Amazon Prime Video

Who are they? App developer Nathan begins Upload after a car accident, where he is offered the chance to be uploaded to a digital afterlife.

Who plays them? Robbie Amell, who played Robbie Raymond in the Arrowverse series The Flash (his cousin Stephen Amell, meanwhile, played the Green Arrow in the franchise). Among his other recent roles were arcs in The X Files reboot, the Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events and movie The Duff.

Nora Antony - Andy Allo

Who are they? Nora works for Horizon, the company behind the digital afterlife Nathan finds himself in. One of her roles is guiding Nathan through the afterlife, and she begins to feel a bond with him in the Amazon series.

Who plays them? Andy Allo has spent most of 2020 appearing in Chicago Fire. Previously she has appeared in Black Lightning and the threequel Pitch Perfect 3.

Aleesha - Zainab Johnson

upload amazon prime cast
Andy Allo and Zainab Johnson in 'Upload.' Amazon Prime Video

Who are they? Zainab is one of Nora's friends in the real world, who also works at Horizon and who offers her counsel as her real life comes into conflict with her digital one.

Who plays them? Zainab Johnson's most recent role was in the Viola Davis-narrated American Koko.

Luke - Kevin Bigley

Who are they? In the digital afterlife, Nathan meets Luke, a fellow upload that soon becomes his best friend in his new life.

Who plays them? Kevin Bigley is probably best known for his voice work, with the actor providing characters in Bojack Horseman, The Angry Birds Movie and American Dad. He has also starred in Fox series The Moodys, as well as episodes of The Good Wife and Scream Queens.

Ingrid Kannerman - Allegra Edwards

Allegra Edwards upload
Allegra Edwards in 'Upload.' Amazon Prime Video

Who are they? Allegra is Nathan's girlfriend in the real world. Though it was her idea for him to upload, he begins to question their relationship the more time he spends in the digital world.

Who plays them? Allegra Edwards was most recently seen in a main role on The USA Network's Briarpatch, after appearing in episodes of Orange is the New Black, The Mindy Project and New Girl.

A.I. Guy - Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels upload
Owen Daniels in 'Upload.' Amazon Prime Video

Who are they? A.I. Guy is Upload's equivalent of The Good Place's Janet, the digital avatar who provides everything that the digital residents require.

Who plays them? Newcomer Owen Daniels made two appearances in The Office as a child, and will soon star in another Daniels project, Space Force.

Lucy - Andrea Rosen

Who are they? Lucy is the boss at Horizon, where Nora and Aleesha work under her.

Who plays them? Andrea Rosen had a recurring role on Episodes and has also starred in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, the TV spin-off of Get Shorty and episodes of Transparent, Weeds and Broad City.

Upload is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.