'Upload' Showrunner Greg Daniels Teases "New World" in Season Two

Upload Season 2 lands on Prime Video on Friday, March 11 and showrunner Greg Daniels is incredibly excited for fans to see what's next, he told Newsweek.

The second season follows on directly from the show's dramatic finale, with Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) waking up after a month frozen in Lake View's 2-gig zone, Nora Antony (Andy Allo) going off the grid, and Ingrid Kannerman (Allegra Edwards) living her best afterlife in Lake View after uploading for Nathan.

Daniels teased that the new batch of episodes would introduce a "new world" to fans, with Nora's time in the wild showing a different side to society in the form of the Luds, people who have sworn off all technology especially the notion of transcending death by Uploading.

Greg Daniels on the "New World' in Upload Season 2

"I'm so curious to see how people think the show has changed, because, you know, from my perspective, it's a new world. It's obviously set in the future and the more that we learn about the world, the more fun it is, you know?" Daniels said.

"Just to constantly be expanding and introducing new aspects to this world is cool. So, from my perspective, it's just expanding steadily from the get go.

"And one of the interesting ideas, I think, from the first season is, well, this new technology has changed society, but some people aren't buying into it. What's it like from their perspective?

"Also, from the perspective of Nora, growing as a leader and a person who might have an opinion about how to fix things in the future.

"You know, this was part of her journey. She starts off very into the technology, she's stumble[d] into this murder investigation and... she sort of gets more aware of the unfairness of it and then what she's going to do about it?

"Does she have a vision for herself of where everything should land so that it's more fairly distributed? But, still, you get the best of all the coolness of the new stuff and then from the romantic standpoint it was an interesting wrinkle to have her kind of, like, be up in summer camp or [be] away for the summer."

Greg Daniels on Nora and Nathan's Romance

The romance Daniels is referring to, of course, is Nora's closeness to Nathan, and how her disappearance from civilisation puts that on the back-burner because, well, they can't see each other anymore.

Season 1 saw Nora and Nathan slowly fall in love as they got to know each other, with Nathan learning not to be an arrogant a** and Nora accepting that, while he's dead, she still has feelings for Nathan.

However Season 2 sees Nora become romantically involved with fellow technophobe Matteo (Paulo Costanzo), while Ingrid is determined to win over Nathan's affection, both are definitely a "wrinkle" in Nora and Nathan's romance.

Reflecting on how their relationship evolves in Season 2 without giving too much away, Daniels shared: "I think that's at the core of the show, even though it's got this... imaginatively based premise and [is set in] a world that doesn't yet exist.

"Every month I get somebody texting me something saying 'that thing that was on your show, look, they're actually making it.' Generally, it's still coming... but at the core of [Upload] is people, and a relationship, and a changing person, right?

"So Nathan, was pretty shallow in the beginning and having the experience of having a second chance, and meeting this woman who's suffered through a lot of problems and has a much more difficult life, is deepening him as a character.

"And so, you know, he's moving away from the woman that he was with, and he's moving towards this other person. But then [there's] this big setback, because the first woman [Ingrid] made a big sacrifice for him and he can't find the second woman [Nora].

"So that's where he is and, in addition to the science and the comedy, it's just interesting to plot out how a love story [will] go. What would come between them now that they've sort of gotten to know each other?"

On Where Ingrid Fits In

Speaking of Ingrid, Daniels shares how much he loves the prim heiress who gets everything she could ever want thanks to how fabulously wealthy she is. Granted, Ingrid is not always the nicest of people but she does have heart, she sacrificed herself for Nathan after all, right?

And in Season 2 Ingrid is not just set on winning Nathan's affections back, she also wants to have a baby, albeit a virtual one in Lake View.

"I love Ingrid, I think Ingrid is a hilarious character because she's... you definitely go back and forth between being sympathetic towards her and being horrified by her," Daniels said of the character.

"I think that the part with the baby is the baby can be looked at a couple different ways: it can be looked at as a crazy manipulation by a psycho girlfriend, and it can be looked at as something that could possibly mature her into the person who he would want to date.

"The fact that it has both potentials is interesting, and, you know, I like the idea that once Uploaded she also has the potential to improve herself the way Nathan did if if she takes it.

"Things that could go either way are kind of good for storytelling, because then you're like, 'Where will Ingrid end up?'"

Upload Season 2 will be released in full on Prime Video on Friday, March 11.

Correction 03/14/2022 3:53 EST: This article was updated to correct an incorrect spelling of the name of Andy Allo's character Nora.

Allegra Edwards, Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Paulo Costanzo, and Owen Daniels in Upload Season 2. Showrunner Greg Daniels spoke to Newsweek about the "new world" fans will see in the show new episodes.