Urine Sample Marked 'Highly Contagious Human Substance' Triggers Evacuation After It's Accidentally Sent to Movie Theater

A movie theater was evacuated after a urine sample was accidentally sent there with a warning saying it contained a "highly contagious human substance."

The package was found at the North Bend Theater in North Bend, Washington, at around 5.15 p.m. on Friday, Eastside Fire and Rescue's Deputy Chief Richard Burke told The Seattle Times.

Sergeant Paul Graham, of Snoqualmie Police, told KOMO that the package has been opened by the theater's manager. Inside, he found a box containing a liquid labeled with the words "highly contagious human substance."

Graham said the manager was taken to a nearby hospital to be examined as a precautionary measure.

Happening Now! B171, B181, L171, HM173, A171, E178 and E182 at Northbend theater for hazmat call with a box marked “highly contagious human substance”. Box has been isolated and one patient treated as a precaution. Five hazmat techs on scene. pic.twitter.com/mLdSaexN2u

— Eastside Firefighters (@IAFF2878) November 30, 2019

Meanwhile, emergency hazmat crews arrived at the theater and evacuated the premises. Snoqualmie Police urged people to avoid the area as they worked out what the substance was.

"Eastside Fire & Rescue is currently working a HazMat scene at the North Bend Theater," police wrote on Facebook. "We are assisting as needed. Please avoid the area."

Five hazmat technicians had responded to a hazmat call with a box marked "highly contagious human substance," according to a tweet posted on the Eastside Firefighters Twitter page, alongside pictures of the scene outside the theater. They added that the "box has been isolated and one patient treated as a precaution."

In a follow-up tweet, they added: "Hazmat techs are coming up with a plan for the package. Control zones have been established."

Eastside Fire & Rescue later and confirmed the situation had been resolved. "This hazard call in North Bend has been deemed safe," they wrote on Twitter.

In a subsequent tweet, Eastside Firefighters added that the call was deemed "minor in nature" and not considered "suspicious or malicious."

According to The Seattle Times, hazmat technicians and public health officials worked together to transport the box and doctors from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle examined the contents to determine what the liquid was.

Officials from the Eastside Firefighters union confirmed that the liquid in the package was just urine and was "disposed of appropriately in a bio container," KOMO reported.

Graham told the station that the urine sample was intended to be sent to a medical clinic in Tacoma, Washington. It wasn't immediately clear how it had ended up at a theater more than 40 miles away.

Newsweek has contacted Snoqualmie Police and Eastside Fire & Rescue for further comment.

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Stock photo. A movie theater in North Bend, Washington, was evacuated and hazmat crews deployed after a urine sample labeled "highly contagious human substance" was accidentally sent there. Getty