U.S. Capitol Police Arrest Calif. Man 'on Patrol' With Bayonet, Machete Near DNC Office

U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a man who they say was found with multiple illegal weapons near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Washington, D.C., overnight Sunday.

Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, California was charged with possession of prohibited weapons, according to a news release from the police department, which serves Capitol Hill. Craighead has no attorney on record yet who could be contacted for a response, and he hasn't publicly commented.

A Special Operation Division officer within the Capitol Police force noticed Craighead parked outside the DNC headquarters in a Dodge Dakota pickup truck with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols painted on it. The truck did not have a license plate but had an American flag decoration where the license plate would normally be, according to police.

Near midnight, the Capitol Police officer pulled over the truck outside the DNC headquarters, which is located just south of the Capitol.

USCP Officers Arrest California Man with Bayonet & Machete: https://t.co/0mhsoOC8vX pic.twitter.com/9SR1NXsJV6

— U.S. Capitol Police (@CapitolPolice) September 13, 2021

Craighead told the police he was "on patrol" and mentioned "white supremacist ideology and other rhetoric pertaining to white supremacy" during their interaction, according to the news release.

He was found to have a bayonet and a machete, which are illegal in D.C., inside his truck.

"This is an excellent example of the work our officers do every day," Operational Services Bureau Deputy Chief Jason Bell said in a statement. "We are so proud of these officers for their vigilance."

There is no evidence currently that the DNC was specifically targeted.

"We are thankful for Capitol Police containing this threat and can't comment further on the specifics of this ongoing investigation," DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale told Newsweek.

"DNC employees are real human beings who fight tirelessly for a better America, and their safety, security and well-being—physical, mental and emotional—is the number one priority of DNC leadership. This suspect's apparent views are despicable, and violence and white supremacy have no place in our country."

The Capitol has been on high alert since a violent mob stormed the Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to thwart the certification of Joe Biden's election victory over Donald Trump.

Capitol police noted in the statement that it's unclear if Craighead was planning to attend a planned demonstration next Saturday in support of the January 6 rioters or if he has ties to any previous cases in the area.

Law enforcement has yet to track down the person responsible for planting pipe bombs outside the DNC and the Republican National Committee headquarters nearby on January 6, just before the rally in support of Trump took place.

Last week, the FBI released additional information and videos related to the bombs, which did not detonate or injure anyone. Authorities are still seeking information on the incident.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was directly threatened by the January 6 rioters, recently told reporters that law enforcement is on high alert before next Saturday's rally in support of the hundreds of Trump supporters who have been arrested over the riot.

An organizer of the event, which is to take place outside the Capitol, told Newsweek he's working with law enforcement to ensure the demonstration remains peaceful.

Capitol Police arrest armed man at DNC
U.S. Capitol Police arrested a man who they say was found with multiple illegal weapons overnight Sunday near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Above, the Capitol dome on September 10. Drew Angerer/Getty Images